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famous marble statues

Bernini Famous marble statues Truth Unveiled by Time

Truth by Time famous marble statues is a showcase of abstraction.” Truth is always naked.” famous marble statues The naked woman of truth holds the sun and smiles on her side. The light brown marble drapery hangs high behind her. The image of time is mysteriously hidden, indicating that truth can stand the test of time. Bernini was meant to implicitly present the Truth as a naked young woman, to be unveiled by Time above her, but Time was never executed. famous marble statues can be customized-made.

NO.: AK-stone(Y100 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The style of famous marble statues:

A young woman who was intended to show the truth in an allegorical way as a naked young woman was lifted by the time figure above her, but the time figure was never executed. Bernini’s famous marble statues’ motto for art is: an artist must have three conditions to succeed: one is to see beauty very early and to grasp it, the other is to work diligently, and the third is to get accurate advice frequently. . The famous marble statues created by Bernini are always in intense movement. The marble seems to have lost its weight in his hands, and the clothes of the characters are always lightly floating in the wind, giving people a feeling of lightness, liveliness, and restlessness. The number of human bodies depicted by Bernini is no less than Michelangelo, and he is better at expressing dramatic plots and human bodies in intense movement. From his famous marble statues, we can also see the influence of the classicist tradition on him, especially the style of the Hellenistic period, which is obviously echoed in his works.

famous marble statues (1)

famous marble statues (1)

Bernini’s other famous marble statues:

This very vivid sculpture of famous marble statues fully demonstrates Bernini’s thought of serving religion, and also shows the comprehensiveness, luxury, decoration, and drama of the famous marble statues of Baroque art. The creation of the colonnade in the square in front of St. Peter’s Basilica is magnificent and dynamic, echoing the dome of Michelangelo’s cathedral, making this landscape the most magnificent in Rome. The success of the altar sculpture “Altar of San Teresa” marked the arrival of the peak of Bernini’s sculpture. In these famous marble statues, Bernini embodies the thought of humanism. It reflects human dignity, ideals, and the pursuit of a better life. This is also an active ingredient in Bernini’s creation, and it is also different from general Baroque art.

famous marble statues (3)

famous marble statues (3)

famous marble statues (4)

famous marble statues (4)

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