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stag statue

Famous marble Roman goddess Diana and stag statue

The beautiful goddess of hunting, Diana, and stag statue in roman mythology combine to present a vivid picture. On the rock, Diana sat on it to rest, her feet were just hunted prey, and her stag statue was holding by her side. The beautiful antlers are carved very beautifully. Diana held her hunting bow and arrow in her hand. Diana and the stag statue can already see her beauty. The figure is symmetrical and smooth, and the marble carving adds a lot of purity and femininity to this scene.

NO.: AK-stone( CC12)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Artistic image of Diana and stag statue:

In Roman mythology, Diana and stag statue is a goddess of the sacred moon, hunting and childbirth, animals, plants, and has the power to control the words of animals. The Romans like to use Roman gods to annex foreign gods with a similar priesthood. Around the fifth and sixth centuries BC, the worship of Diana had contact with the ancient Greeks. Until Roman times, Diana annexed the Greek goddess Artemis and was regarded as the goddess of hunting, plants, and beasts. At the same time, Diana and stag statue also annexed the Greek goddess Hecate, representing Diana’s three realms: heaven, earth, and meditation. After absorbing the Greek gods, more adapted literature was added to the myth of Diana and stag statue. In the description of Roman art in the later period, Diana loves the outdoor life, holding bows and arrows in the forest and the mountains, accompanied by dogs and playing hunting together with the female fairies, sometimes traveling in a silver cart dragged by two holy deer.

stag statue (1)

stag statue (1)

The complex roles of Diana and stag statue:

Diana and stag statue are childish, often wearing a short skirt and hunting boots with a waist, holding a bow and arrow, accompanied by deer or hunting dogs. Like Venus, Diana and stag statue is often portrayed as a beautiful, youthful girl who sometimes wears a crescent crown. Unlike the Greek goddess Artemis. Artemis usually wore a bun at the back of his head to facilitate hunting. Sometimes he would wear a golden crown commonly used by Greek goddesses, and would not have a moon sign on his head. In Roman mythology, Diana and stag statue would have a moon above his head.

stag statue (2)

stag statue (2)

stag statue (3)

stag statue (3)

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