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sculpture angel

Important praying marble sculpture angel ornament

In the Western world, the sculpture angel is a very important role. It conveys the will of God to people. This sculpture angel shows the most three-dimensional look under the hands of our sculptor, with his big wings tucked behind. Wearing a sacred robe, bowed his head and folded his hands to pray for people. Sculpture Angel prays for the safety of our loved ones. An exquisite sculpture angel can make you believe that God gives you inner strength. Can help you face many difficulties.

NO.: AK-stone(CC56 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The usual image of sculpture angel:

In the sculpture angel image, the general angels are mostly children, representing purity and kindness. Christianity believes that angels are pure bodies and cannot be possessed by any creatures. They can only be possessed by creatures without original sins and souls. Sculpture angels are the incarnations of pure good, so they will never tolerate the existence of evil. Angels sometimes do In human form, angels are sons created by gods. Therefore, in ancient Greek myths and legends, angels are indispensable soul figures. Therefore, in Greek culture, the image of the sculpture angel has existed for a long time. Sculpture angel, in other words, is the incarnation of truth, goodness, and beauty. Therefore, after entering our country, the image of angels is mostly small innocent children with wings.

sculpture angel (2)

sculpture angel (2)

Sculpture Angel’s decorative role in the park:

Usually, the stone sculpture angel is commonly used as a garden sculpture inside. This “Western Figure Sculpture” is a stone carving product made of white marble, which is a white marble with fine texture and is a superior building material. This “white marble angel” is made by a machine and placed in the scenic area. There are often tourists around the sculpture, and they have intense and pleasant discussions on the authenticity and become a beautiful scenery line in each scenic area. The sculpture angel is placed in the park. The middle is used for the decoration and beautification of the park. Due to its appearance, the landscape of the park has increased and enriched the connotation of the park; the sculpture angel is placed in the square, which mainly reflects the trend of history and times, the ideals and wishes of the people. Sculpture angel often reveals the theme of a particular environment and building in the language of images, using symbolic and allegorical techniques.

granite angel statues (2)

granite angel statues (2)

angel memorials (2)

angel memorials (2)

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