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marble roman relief

High quality story scene marble roman relief decoration

Relief sculpture is a very artistic craft. People often apply roman relief to various sculptures. This marble roman relief is a very vivid sculpture of the story of Rome. The prince of Rome sits on the throne and two soldiers bring one. The slave is kissing the prince’s hand, and the story in marble roman relief is vivid. If you have marble furniture, whether it is outdoor or indoor, you can add marble roman relief, which will have a more detailed artistic display.

NO.: AKM-(CC123 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant , Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The stone carving of marble Roman relief :

The marble roman relief carving industry has been an inseparable part of us since ancient times, especially those exquisite carvings in architecture, which are all amazing, whether it is on wood, gold, and silver utensils, or on our hard stone. , Can create all kinds of tricks. Every time I see various marble Roman reliefs or carvings, I will be impressed by the superb carving techniques at home and abroad. For carving, I believe that stone people are no strangers. Stone carving is an important processing form of stone processing. There is the well-known Hui’an stone carving, whether it is engineering buildings, villa exterior walls, or marble roman relief interior decoration, more or less, it is inseparable from the craft of stone carving.

Because of its marble roman relief compression characteristics, it occupies a small space, so it is suitable for decoration in a variety of environments. In our interior decoration, marble Roman relief is very suitable for decoration in various environments, such as European background walls, Roman columns, parapets, and other places. Therefore, marble Roman relief is very widely used in interior decoration.

roman relief (2)

roman relief (2)

There are two ways of marble Roman relief stone carving:

1. Manual carving: It is a traditional carving method. The finished products are all made by hand. The disadvantage is that the speed is relatively slow and the cost is high. The advantage is that the more people look at it, the more they want to see it. The marble Roman relief sculpture has a unique beauty and is vivid. 2. Numerical control engraving: Roman relief’s stone engraving machine has been popularized very fast in recent years. The advantage is that it is fast in production. It only needs a drawing or a model for mass production. This is unmatched by artificial carving. It is more suitable for making a large number of marble Roman relief stone carving crafts, architectural stone carving components, and the production of marble Roman relief. The biggest advantage of the stone engraving machine is its low production cost.

marble memorial

marble memorial

marble memorial (2)

marble memorial (2)

nature stone decor

nature stone decor

The concept of natural stone indoor/outdoor decoration: For example (???)

There are many ways to add color to your garden or home. The most popular contemporary stone crafts are the natural ones. These pollution-free natural stone products. Not only come in all shapes and optional sizes. The meaning is also extraordinary. They can symbolize peace, Zen and equality, and so on. They are very attractive ones. And, simple adornment expression means. Define your garden or home space. It can even add points of interest to your living environment.

Attractive personalized appearance: For example (???)

Though, their colors are not that varied. But, very expressive natural color. A lot of expressions are enough to satisfy you. If you want a modern, stylish feel. So, choose white, or green with lines. The lines combine with the color of the stone. It’s a great modern and minimalist choice. If you want to express zen or a religious feeling. You can try light colors, white or gray. If you want to express the feeling of luxury. You can try dark or black stone. Natural collocation of course also can become other adornment indispensable fittings.

You can take advantage of the quality of the natural stone decoration. To enhance your ‘temperament’ in decorating the space and your taste for life. Love of nature. Natural stone products are installed in the unique space design. Get a smart feel for your decor. Natural stone crafts, you deserve it.

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