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religious sculptures

Garden ornament marble mary religious sculptures

Regarding sacred religious sculptures, it is not only in a solemn church that our piety can be embodied. Now that the faith is sincere, many people can customize religious sculptures and place them in their own private churches or gardens, and they can also pray religiously. Bring us direction and faith. This religious sculptures is the Virgin Mary, wearing a cloak, clasped hands, and a cross bead on the wrist. The face of the Virgin is moving and beautiful. The colorful flowers and plants in the garden set off the beauty of life and pure faith.

NO.: AK-stone( YZX39)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc
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Classical marble religious sculptures:

Sculpture is the daughter of architecture, born out of the need of architecture, sharing the spirit of architecture, as the same art system, Romanesque religious sculptures represent the “world of God” within the established framework of architecture. Romanesque religious sculptures combines the sculptural elements of classical art, the crudeness and naivety of barbaric art, and the decorative features of oriental art in language. It is complicated, but so simple, because all these are dedicated to the passion for Jesus. Love seems to be waving the flag for the ultimate victory of Jesus. The artists of the Middle Ages boldly changed the realistic tradition of classicism. They used symbols and allegories to exaggerate and deform various things. Religious sculptures created sacred and majestic and even terrifying artistic images to help the manipulators of the Christian world treat people. Intimidate and control.

religious sculptures (1)

religious sculptures (1)

The emotional significance of religious sculptures:

The sacredness of Romanesque religious sculptures has a dual function. On the one hand, it can make believers repent and redeem their sins and alleviate their suffering caused by original sin. On the other hand, it can give Christians hope and comfort to make them believe in Christ. Lead them into heaven. Hegel once said when discussing the religious art in the Middle Ages in Europe that this is to take pain and the awareness and feeling of suffering as the real goal. Watching this kind of abandonment of myself for a long time, I feel more and more the spiritual richness of imposing this kind of test on my body. What Romanesque religious sculptures want to express is to be saved by believing in God, serving the interpretation, enlightenment, or propaganda of Christian doctrine.

religious sculptures (2)

religious sculptures (2)

mary and jesus statue (1)

mary and jesus statue (1)

aongking marble statues

marble statues

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