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jesus sculpture

Religious Figure Sacred Heart of Jesus Marble Statue

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a well-known Christian devotion. The jesus sculpture exposes the heart of Jesus, surrounded by a crown with scars and flames. It expresses Jesus’ great love for the world, calling on the world to make amends for their sins and to love one another. jesus sculpture will beautify your home or garden. Pouring in quality concrete and can be finished in the colour of your choice. As the Christmas holidays begin, churches and other public facilities in neighbouring towns display new models of jesus sculpture’s arrival.

NO.:  AKSY-(24)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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With arms raised, jesus sculpture gazes fondly at the beautifully decorated church. It heralds a spirit of fraternity and recognition of independence. Stone statue of Christ facing the devout. From a distance, the outstretched arms look like a huge cross, solemn and majestic. Seeing these religious sights is a true religious journey. Religious figures give visitors a different impression of the church. Many tourists come here to check in and take pictures. Religious jesus sculpture is suitable for installation in garden landscapes, square parks, etc. Aongking has a lot of Jesus marble statues for sale… We all know that Jesus is the central figure in Christian teaching and the founder of Christianity. To this day, people always turn to Jesus for good luck and happiness. So today, we have prepared this exquisite marble jesus sculpture for you.

jesus sacred heart statue

jesus sacred heart statue

sacred heart of jesus statues (1)
Take a look at this marble jesus sculpture and you will find Jesus standing here with outstretched arms like a loving father, with lifelike shapes and rich expressions. It’s the best way to show your respect for Jesus and the best way to decorate your living space. On October 20, 1672, a priest named John Order held the first mass in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In 1675, jesus sculpture appeared on several visits to the nun Margarita, ordering her to promote this devotion and asking the church authorities to establish a special holiday. Jesus Marble Statue Jesus opened his chest and pointed his finger to the Sacred Heart crowned with thorns and said, “Look how deep is this beloved love, and the reward of this world is hurt and suffering. You will be my holy heart. Apostle. To enable the world to receive the grace of my Sacred Heart… In order to make up for all the abuses I have suffered in the Holy Communion, a feast should be held on Friday, the eighth day after the Holy Communion.” If you like this jesus sculpture, welcome to join us connect. We look forward to your reply.

Jesus marble statues

Jesus marble statues

Marble jesus sculpture

Marble jesus sculpture

aongking marble statues

marble statues

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