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la pieta statue

Religious Carved Decorative Natural White Marble la Pieta Statue

This famous work of art la pieta statue depicts the body of Jesus lying on the lap of his mother Mary after being crucified. Pentecost was popular among Nordic artists. It means pity or sympathy. la pieta statue is an elegant portrait of a mother’s grief – even in such a tragedy, sadness and grace exist at the same time. Except for la pieta statue. We can also make statues of other religious figures.

NO.: AKSY-(31)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The meaning of la pieta statue comes from the biblical story after Jesus was caught by the Jewish governor and crucified on the cross, the Virgin Mary hugged the body of Christ and wept. “pieta” means, there is a scar under the rib of the dead Christ, and there is no expression of pain on his face. He lies between the Virgin Mary’s knees, his right hand hanging down. The significance of la pieta statue has gone far beyond the content of the Christian faith. It is a feeling full of the greatest and noblest maternal love of mankind. In la pieta statue, which means the Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mary is young and beautiful, with a gentle image, wearing a wide cloak and robe, holding the body of Jesus in her right hand and extending her left hand slightly back, expressing helpless pain; she looked down at The body of her beloved son, who seemed to be in deep sadness; thick folds concealed his thick shoulders, and the mask framed his beautiful features.

pieta meaning

pieta meaning

The expression of the Virgin Mary of la pieta statue is silent and complex, not only pouring silent sadness, but also full of mourning and prayer, is an emotion, full of the greatest and noblest maternal love of human beings. Michelangelo said: “The Virgin Mary is the incarnation of purity and sublime, a symbol of sacred things, so she will always remain young.” So here, Michelangelo broke through the past religious icon meaning work la pieta The pale and aging pattern in the statue, the Virgin Mary is depicted as a dignified and beautiful girl, but this does not affect the expression of the Virgin Mary’s grief over the death of Jesus. The beauty of the Virgin of la pieta statue is intuitive, but her grief is profound. The beauty of youth, eternity and immortality embodied by her is the highest ideal of human pursuit of beauty.

michelangelo pieta

michelangelo pieta

Marble pieta statue

Marble pieta statue

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