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In the garden, many classic stone sculptures of figures are in line with the environment. This marble sculpture of the goddess carved by outdoor sculpture artists is extremely beautiful. The base of the sculpture of outdoor sculpture artists is a bush full of flowers, and the hunting dog of the goddess of hunting is guarded by his side. The goddess was wearing hunting casual clothes, carrying a quiver behind her back, and holding a bow bravely in her hand. The face of the goddess sculpted by outdoor sculpture artists is three-dimensional and beautiful.

NO.: AK-stone(CC153 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Western outdoor sculpture artists:

The birthplace of Western classical outdoor sculpture artists’ art was ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Their stone carving works and fine arts have had a profound influence not only on Western fine arts, but also on world fine arts. The heyday of ancient Greek art was the classical period in ancient Greek history, after which the Hellenistic period continued to create. The achievements of outdoor sculpture artists in ancient Greece are prominently embodied in the fields of sculpture and architecture. This is mainly because the ancient Greeks who believed in various gods regarded making statues and building temples as great respect for the gods. As an important type of ancient Greek architecture, temples are used to decorate with carvings, and architecture and stone carvings are integrated (this tradition has long influenced Western architecture). At the same time, the ancient Greeks had a different concept of gods. They were completely shaped by human images, thoughts and emotions. Therefore, outdoor sculpture artists of ancient Greek god sculptures are like human figures in appearance.

outdoor sculpture artists (2)

outdoor sculpture artists (2)

The beauty of body sculpture by outdoor sculpture artists:

The ancient Greeks believed that the human body of outdoor sculpture artists was beautiful, and showing the stone-carved human body to the gods they worshipped was the greatest dedication to the gods. Therefore, the ancient Greeks had a pure and noble sentiment towards the beauty of the human body. Both portraits and idols were often expressed in the form of nudes. Coupled with the well-developed aesthetic concept of harmony as the beauty of the ancient Greeks, they constantly pursued a harmonious ideal beauty. The ancient Greek portrait carving, including the nude portrait carving, has a perfect body and a calm and noble temperament, reaching a very perfect state. The ancient Greeks’ pursuit of harmony and ideal beauty is also reflected in the art of architecture, so that some scholars believe that the excellent buildings of ancient Greece are actually exquisite large-scale stone sculptures.

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outdoor sculpture artists (3)

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