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most famous marble statues

Milo Venus most famous marble statues

The most famous marble statues of Venus are the most beautiful goddesses in Greek and Roman mythology. It has also become the subject of paintings by painters and sculptors. Her characteristics are love and beauty. These most famous marble statues show incompleteness is also a kind of beauty. There is a defect in the arm. The statue forms the integrity of its own structure. It’s like blank again. Allow the viewer to imagine the space. More lingering and interesting. The most famous marble statues give us the sacred and solemn feeling of the classical period. Exuding the most lyrical feminine and charming.

NO.: AK-stone(CC28 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The artistic carving techniques of the most famous marble statues:

The serene, confident eyes and slightly smiling lips of the goddess in the most famous marble statues give people a sense of restraint and wisdom, without any delicate, weak, self-pity pretentious expression. She made people understand the aesthetics of the Greeks more than two thousand years ago, that is, striving for the unity of external beauty and spiritual beauty. Her slightly twisted posture makes her half-naked body form a very harmonious and graceful spiraling posture, full of musical rhythm, and the most famous marble statues are full of great charm. The plump and plump body and the upright and generous appearance reflect youth, fitness, and abundant vitality, as well as inner education and virtue. Everything about these most famous marble statues depends on the sculptor’s honesty and simplicity instead of pursuing delicate and delicate artistic techniques.

most famous marble statues (2)

most famous marble statues (2)

The artistic style of the most famous marble statues:

In the most famous marble statues, the legs of the goddess are covered by expressive clothes, only toes are exposed, which is thick and stable, and the upper body is beautiful. Her expression and posture are so solemn, noble, and dignified, like a monument; she is so beautiful, showing the most lyrical femininity and charming. People seem to be able to feel that the goddess‘ mood is very calm, there is no bit of beauty and shyness, only purity and elegance. There is a slight smile on the corner of her mouth, but it is not showing it, giving people a sense of restraint and wisdom. What is especially surprising is that although the arms of the most famous marble statues have been broken, the life-sculpted body still gives people a sense of perfection.

In the art of carving, it appears unique and novel in style. It is generally believed that the most famous marble statues incorporate the strengths of the various schools of the Greek school and reach the highest state of ancient Greek art. From the facial expressions of the most famous marble statues Venus and the half-length nude posture, the viewer can feel the social atmosphere of the late 4th century BC; from the concise and general curve of the goddess body, you can see the classical period. The characteristics of sacred solemnity; from the treatment of dresses, we can also see the traces of the natural world in the Hellenistic era.

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best marble statues

best marble statues (2)

best marble statues (2)

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