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modern outdoor statues

Lawn figure lovers marble modern outdoor statues

Modern outdoor statues are like vivid and three-dimensional pictures. Show in front of us. Modern outdoor statues vividly interpret the blooming of feelings when youth is ignorant. A young couple standing on the grass, the man puts his arms around the girl, and the shyness of the girl is meaningful through facial expressions. The blooming flowers at the feet of modern outdoor statues also symbolize this feeling. The overall sculpture atmosphere is beautiful. Most suitable for outdoor natural environment.

NO.: AK-stone( CC18)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Realistic image of modern outdoor statues:

The modern outdoor statues of stone sculptures are mainly based on the appearance, shape, and clothing of people. Therefore, there are many and rich types of sculptures, from ancient characters to modern characters, from the general public to celebrities, intellectuals, literary figures, political and military leaders, from traditional Chinese figures to Western European and American figures, from legendary gods and ghosts to Buddha statues, etc. The images of different social status, identity roles, and different historical ages all reflect the advancement of social life, and stone modern outdoor statues The artistic technique of carving also gradually got rid of stylization and simplification, becoming more realistic, vivid, and flexible. These modern outdoor statues of stone sculptures gave her life and soul.

modern outdoor statues (2)

modern outdoor statues (2)

The relationship between garden environment and modern outdoor statues:

Aesthetic education function The language of sculpture art is a special emotional language carried by material materials. The channels for emotional communication with the audience are both concrete, abstract, and symbolic. It is an in-depth, internal and essential art. Language. In front of the excellent modern outdoor statues artworks, profound experiences and feelings can inspire people’s strong sense of beauty and leave a deep mark on people’s hearts. Modern outdoor statues of garden figures are most widely used in gardens and green spaces, dotted and decorated with the surrounding environment, which is a major landscape highlight in the garden environment. Compared with architectural stone sculptures, modern outdoor statues do not have too many constraints and norms. They have free modeling and ideology, which reflects people’s aesthetic taste, and also reflects the society and living culture of the times.

modern marble sculpture (2)

modern marble sculpture (2)

marble statue near me (2)

marble statue near me (2)

aongking marble statues

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