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modern garden sculpture

Famous lawn abstract Wave modern garden sculpture

This is a very famous modern garden sculpture. Its name modern garden sculpture is displayed on its shape. The white stone looks so sacred on the green grass. Two points supporting the ground are curved into a beautiful shape. The hollowed-out picture in the middle makes it more atmospheric. The abstract modern garden sculpture is inspired by life, but it is higher than life. You can customize the size you want and put it on your outdoor lawn. It’s like an outdoor art gallery.

NO.: AKM-(YANG13 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant , Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Selection of modern garden sculpture marble grades:

Both marble and granite can be used to carve modern garden sculptures, which can be selected according to different carving styles and placement environments. Generally, marble is better. One of the most famous sculptures in the world, Michelangelo’s “David”, uses marble, which was completed in 1504 and has been more than 500 years ago. The granite texture is hard to make detailed carving, but modern garden sculpture is suitable for the long-term outdoor environment. Choose a good grade: According to the allowable deviation of specifications and dimensions, the allowable tolerance of flatness and angle, as well as the appearance quality, surface finish, and other indicators, modern garden sculpture marble slabs are divided into three grades: excellent, first-class and qualified; marble slabs The grading and identification are mainly through the detection of instruments and measuring tools. Check the appearance of different grades of marble slabs. Because marble is naturally formed, defects are inevitable. At the same time, the pros and cons of processing equipment and measuring tools are also the cause of sheet defects.

modern garden sculpture (1)

modern garden sculpture (1)

Choose modern garden sculpture pattern tones:

Modern garden sculpture marble slabs are colorful, diverse intones, and have different patterns. This is where the precious charm of marble slabs lies. Basically, the same color tone, small color difference, and beautiful patterns are the specific manifestations of good varieties, otherwise, it will seriously affect the decorative effect. Check the surface glossiness. The surface glossiness of modern garden sculpture marble slabs will greatly affect the decorative effect. Generally speaking, the polished surface of high-quality marble slabs should have a mirror-like luster, which can clearly reflect the scenery. However, due to the different chemical compositions of marbles of different qualities, even products of the same grade have great differences in gloss. Of course, the glossiness of the surface of the board between different grades of the same material will also have a certain difference. In addition, the strength and water absorption of modern garden sculpture marble slabs are also important indicators for evaluating the quality of marble.

modern garden sculpture (2)

modern garden sculpture (2)

modern garden sculpture (3)

modern garden sculpture (3)

nature stone decor

nature stone decor

The concept of natural stone indoor/outdoor decoration: For example (???)

There are many ways to add color to your garden or home. The most popular contemporary stone crafts are the natural ones. These pollution-free natural stone products. Not only come in all shapes and optional sizes. The meaning is also extraordinary. They can symbolize peace, Zen and equality, and so on. They are very attractive ones. And, simple adornment expression means. Define your garden or home space. It can even add points of interest to your living environment.

Attractive personalized appearance: For example (???)

Though, their colors are not that varied. But, very expressive natural color. A lot of expressions are enough to satisfy you. If you want a modern, stylish feel. So, choose white, or green with lines. The lines combine with the color of the stone. It’s a great modern and minimalist choice. If you want to express zen or a religious feeling. You can try light colors, white or gray. If you want to express the feeling of luxury. You can try dark or black stone. Natural collocation of course also can become other adornment indispensable fittings.

You can take advantage of the quality of the natural stone decoration. To enhance your ‘temperament’ in decorating the space and your taste for life. Love of nature. Natural stone products are installed in the unique space design. Get a smart feel for your decor. Natural stone crafts, you deserve it.

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