Project Description

Metal for sculpture “Bamboo shoots” abstract art combined landscape

metal for sculpture "Bamboo shoots" abstract art

MATERIAL:#304 stainless steel
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your prefer
FINISHING: Mirror / Plated / Colorful Painting / Metallic Painting / Chrome
THICKNESS: 2-3+ mm(Depends on the size of the sculpture can be adjusted)
TECHNOLOGY: Welding / Electroplate / Polishing
INSTALLATION: Our engineer can come to your country to install sculptures.


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metal for sculpture “Bamboo shoots” Details:

Metal for sculpture “Bamboo Shoots”, is a colorful stainless steel sculpture metal art installation. The surface of the sculpture is a colorful spray paint design. metal for sculpture “Bamboo shoots” can be used as a decoration alone or as a combined landscape. The appearance of Metal for Sculpture “Bamboo shoots” is like the buds of bamboo shoots. When multiple pieces are combined, they are like bamboo shoots after the rain, which have a very infectious vitality and vigor.

metal for sculpture

metal for sculpture “Bamboo shoots” abstract art