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Stone Garden Classical Greek Marble venus statues

Marble venus statue
Description: The Marble Venus statue, a timeless representation of beauty, elegance, and classical artistry, has captivated art enthusiasts and connoisseurs for centuries. Typically inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, Venus, these statues are crafted from the enduring medium of marble, lending them a sense of grace and timelessness.
NO.: AK-stone(dzh943)
MATERIAL: Marble, Granite, etc
COLOR:  Natural stone, etc
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Play ground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The advantages of using marble extend beyond its aesthetic appeal. Known for its durability and longevity, marble ensures that Venus statues stand the test of time. The natural veining and variations in color inherent in marble contribute to the unique character of each piece, making every Venus statue a distinct and individual representation. As a symbol of classical beauty and artistic mastery, the Marble Venus statue serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient sculpture techniques and continues to inspire awe and admiration in contemporary art circles. Whether displayed in a museum, garden, or private collection, the Marble Venus statue remains an enduring symbol of timeless beauty and artistic achievement.

stone marble statues venus

stone marble statues Venus

Marble venus statue

Marble venus statue

stone sculpture details

Natural stone carving production process: For example (Marble venus statue)

  1. According to the mold ( or not ) to select the appropriate nature marble. According to the size of the model. Drawing the vertical and horizontal lines. At this stage. The most important process. Make sure the partition line is outside from important part. Cannot be draw line on important parts of the sculpture. For example, the face, the hands, other complicated parts and so on. In order to, leave room in the overall finishing process later. Make seam achieve already conceal beautiful again.
  2. -1: Carving is the most critical stage of stone sculpture forming. The experienced carver works from the original large model in our factory. The levels and details of the sculpture should be sculpted into place. Focus on processing character face, hands and key details. To ensure high artistic quality and high standards of sculpture. (Marble venus statue) .
    -2: According to design intent. Figure out the pattern. Fine carving and grinding. Be fluid and natural. There are gradations. True reaction is original of the sculpture. This step should be adjusted, modified and polished repeatedly. To the need for polishing areas to use a variety of types of polishes for multiple polishing. Clearly express the desired effect of the design produced by the texture.

shipping and package sculpture

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