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marble stone statues

Creative large half face marble stone statues

Our carefully crafted marble stone statues have the highest quality stone and a smooth surface. The black marble of this marble stone statues emits a black texture under natural light. The most prominent thing is its shape, which is half a face. the design of. The nose is tall and straight, and there are beautiful lips. You can customize the height and size to suit your home environment. The abstract artistic style will surely make people very admirable. Do you like this marble stone statues?

NO.: AKM-( CC131)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant , Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

Similar Marble Decor Sculpture

The marble stone statues furniture is made of high-quality, tactile and cool marble. It is decorated with natural colors and natural textures to create a simple and elegant effect. It is usually combined with solid wood or other materials. The marble stone statues furniture material can be said to be All-match, classical and modern decorations are very suitable. But you can’t simply look at marble stone statues furniture from the decorative effect. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

(1) Easy to care, marble stone statues furniture does not need to be painted or oiled, not easy to stick to dust, does not need to be handled to prevent fading, is not affected by moisture, does not appear to be scratched, and is convenient and simple to maintain.
(2) Strong and durable. Marble is a naturally formed hard stone with uniform structure, hard and wear-resistant, and will not be easily deformed. Therefore, it is often designed in the home where the most used countertops are. At present, marble stone statues furniture on the market mainly includes natural marble and artificial marble.
(3) Pay attention to radiation, but natural marble may be slightly radiated because it is formed by natural minerals. If you feel that it is affected, you can choose non-radiation artificial marble furniture. Its performance is not worse than marble stone statues furniture, and the decorative effect is also very good. .
(4) The decorative effect is good. Various natural colors such as white, blue, green, yellow, gray, black, etc., plus natural and smooth lines, make marble stone statues furniture have a graceful and atmospheric decorative effect, bright and clean brightness, and smooth feel. It gives a very neat and elegant visual experience.
(5) Long service life, marble stone statues furniture has good rigidity, high hardness, and can maintain its original physical properties under constant temperature conditions, without deformation and durability.
(6) The texture is versatile, and now there are a variety of marble coffee tables, marble dining tables, marble cabinets, etc. that are now on the market to meet people’s daily needs. It is suitable for various decoration styles such as European style, American style, Chinese style, modern style and simple style.

marble stone statues (2)

marble stone statues (2)

marble stone statues (1)marble stone statues (1)

marble stone statues (1)

marble statue online

marble statue online

nature stone decor

nature stone decor

The concept of natural stone indoor/outdoor decoration: For example (???)

There are many ways to add color to your garden or home. The most popular contemporary stone crafts are the natural ones. These pollution-free natural stone products. Not only come in all shapes and optional sizes. The meaning is also extraordinary. They can symbolize peace, Zen and equality, and so on. They are very attractive ones. And, simple adornment expression means. Define your garden or home space. It can even add points of interest to your living environment.

Attractive personalized appearance: For example (???)

Though, their colors are not that varied. But, very expressive natural color. A lot of expressions are enough to satisfy you. If you want a modern, stylish feel. So, choose white, or green with lines. The lines combine with the color of the stone. It’s a great modern and minimalist choice. If you want to express zen or a religious feeling. You can try light colors, white or gray. If you want to express the feeling of luxury. You can try dark or black stone. Natural collocation of course also can become other adornment indispensable fittings.

You can take advantage of the quality of the natural stone decoration. To enhance your ‘temperament’ in decorating the space and your taste for life. Love of nature. Natural stone products are installed in the unique space design. Get a smart feel for your decor. Natural stone crafts, you deserve it.

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