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Marble statue of pieta

Factory customized religious figure classic Marble statue of pieta

In the Marble statue of pieta, the dead Christ has a scar on his rib, without any painful expression on his face, lying between the knees of the Virgin Mary, with his right hand drooping, his head thrown back, his body as slender as a gymnast, The waist is bent, showing the weakness and powerlessness of death; the Virgin is young and beautiful, with a gentle image, Marble statue of pieta The Virgin is dressed in a wide cloak and robe, the right hand supports the body of Christ, the left hand is slightly stretched back, Marble statue of pieta Expressing helpless pain.

NO.: AK-stone(dzh443)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Artistic details of the Marble statue of pieta:

Looking down at her son’s body, she fell into deep sadness; the fine folds covered her thick shoulders, but the mask brought out her beautiful face. The theme of the Marble statue of pieta is taken from the biblical story that after Jesus was captured by the Jewish governor and crucified, the Virgin Mary was holding the body of Christ and wept bitterly. The Virgin Mary is the incarnation of purity, the sublime, and the symbol of divine things, so she must remain young forever. The author broke through the previous pattern of pale and aging. The Marble statue of pieta was portrayed as a dignified and beautiful girl, but it did not affect the expression of her sorrow for the death of Christ. Her beauty is intuitive, but her sorrow is deep. The beauty of youth, eternity, and immortality she embodies, the Marble statue of pieta is the highest ideal of the human pursuit of beauty.

Pieta Marble statue by Michelangelo

Pieta Marble statue by Michelangelo

Beautifully proportioned design of the Marble statue of pieta:

In Michelangelo’s Marble statue of pieta, the dead Christ rests on the lap of the Virgin Mary, who looks down at her son, her eyes full of sorrow and compassion. The Marble statue of pieta adopts a stable pyramid-like structure, which is very hidden. The wide robe of the Virgin not only shows the shape of the Virgin’s limbs but also subtly conceals the actual proportion of the Virgin’s body, which solves the problem of compositional beauty and the actual proportion of the human body. conflicting issues. The Virgin of the Marble statue of pieta is really beautiful, her face is young and beautiful, and her drooping eyebrows are so silent, but she seems to be pouring silent sorrow, so beautiful. The proportions of each part of the human body, the muscles, the tiny blood vessels, and the ingenious luster of the stone all work in perfect harmony. Michelangelo really brought the marble to life with a hammer and a chisel. This Marble statue of pieta also has a very interesting and bold innovation, that is, the Virgin, is really dignified and beautiful, and she looks much younger than her son.

Marble pieta statue

Marble pieta statue

la pieta statue

la pieta statue

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