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marble lady statue

Mythological figure marble lady statue for sale

The natural stretching posture of a woman brings us many fascinating feelings. This marble lady statue returns to the most natural art. A woman wearing a skirt is standing in the grass, her hands holding both sides of the dress. Looking down curiously, there is a small animal hiding in the skirt of the woman beside the marble lady statue. The women carved out of natural marble are exquisite and romantic. The marble lady statue is very suitable for the natural environment, such as your garden.

NO.: AK-stone(CC92 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The artistic trend of marble lady statues:

Western culture and art began at the beginning of this century. The artistic trend of Western Europe was introduced to China through early overseas students. As a representative of classical culture, the marble lady statue has maintained a long-lasting vitality in the long historical torrent. It has been passed down to this day, showing the splendor and influence of its culture, which can be harmonious. The ancient Greek civilization only compares Chinese culture. The development of civilization in a region includes politics, economy, culture, and other fields. The artistic civilization in the cultural field is very representative. The marble lady statue has a strong stroke in ancient Greek art. No matter impressionist works, realist works, or Renaissance works, they have had an impact on Chinese culture and art. marble lady statue has also had contact with these European artistic trends and their representative works.

marble lady statue (2)

marble lady statue (2)

Popular decoration of marble lady statue:

Nowadays, the marble lady statue makes people more and more meet the necessities of life. The marble lady statue and the fine sculptures of the characters in reality far exceed people’s imagination. It makes the Western characters look beautiful and meticulous, and our lives have gone beyond. The reference frame of all historical experience, most of the marble lady statue works are highly decorative and practical; they pay attention to the character’s facial portrayal, add color to the statue, combine the sculpture and paint, and complement each other so that the works have the same beauty as paintings. And appreciation value; focus on the form to express the spirit, with the condensed character marble lady statue language, to express a high degree of image beauty. Character sculpture is the most popular artwork that can show a social and cultural atmosphere.

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nature queen sculpture (2)

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