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marble sleeping satyr statue

Greek marble sleeping satyr statue For Sale

NO.:  AKSY-(29)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor and outdoor, etc
  • Serene Slumber: The marble statue captures the tranquil essence of a sleeping satyr, with a peaceful expression on its face.

  • Graceful Form: The satyr’s body is sculpted with elegant curves, showcasing the artist’s attention to detail in portraying the creature’s mythical grace.

  • Three Points of Focus: The sculpture emphasizes three key elements – the satyr’s expressive face, the fluidity of its reclined posture, and the meticulous carving of its mythical features.

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In Greek mythology, a marble sleeping satyr statue is a human-like woodland spirit with some animal features, usually a goat-like tail, hooves, ears, or horns. Most of the ancient Greek marble sleeping satyr statues take the form of nudes, which is a kind of fitness performance. In addition, in Canidos there are Avrode and Laocoon. We can customize various body art marble sleeping satyr statues to feel the original beauty of ancient Greece.

The famous nude marble sleeping satyr statue shows a muscular man sleeping on a rock in a very provocative position. satyr statue is at his prime, with a beautiful body, a charming face, and an irresistible libido. On closer inspection, we can recognize the figure as the Faun or Sartre, because of the discreet tail on the left side of his body, and the wavy hair entwined with ivy and grapes. In addition, the famous nude marble sleeping satyr statue depicting the ornate phallic pose of Barberini faun is often attributed to the faun and its animal nature, because the famous nude marble sleeping satyr statue is a creature free from the customs and restrictions of human society. During this period, the nude women in Xiaoxiang Garden were famous for their realistic style.

Sculptors are good at using exaggerated and generalized artistic techniques. The marble sleeping satyr statue meticulously depicts characters and trivial things in society and strengthens the sense of movement. The nude woman in the garden makes the work impress the viewer. In the second half of the 2nd century AD, “emotional portraits” were popular. These portraits fully express the inner feelings and psychological state of the painted people, and the expression techniques are much richer than in the past. For example, to express the light and shade of the eyeball, the satyr statue sculptor made circles of different shades in the eyeball class. The marble sleeping satyr statue in the garden of the Roman emperor Caracalla was a masterpiece at that time. In response to the need of the imperial rulers to deify themselves, the artists of the Roman Empire also began to go the way of myth in the art of the satyr statue in the garden. For example, the Statue of Augustus is a masterpiece of Rome’s re-creation of nourishment from Greek culture.

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