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marble figure Socrates statue

Famous marble figure Socrates statue and apollo statue

Custom commemorative marble figure Socrates statues can be a great example of history and some great realities. This marble figure Socrates statue is in the outdoor decoration memorial. It is very famous, the famous ancient philosopher Socrates has made a lot of great contributions to our future generations. In the sculpture, Socrates is half-bared, sitting on the chair with his left arm leaning on the chair. Thinking with one hand resting on his cheek. The clothes are very in line with the time, and the face is sculpted with wisdom. Behind the marble figure Socrates statue is a sculptured marble column of the sun god Apollo.

NO.: AK-stone( cc06)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Cultural genes of Greek marble figure Socrates statue:

marble figure Socrates statue, Plato, and Aristotle are also known as the three sages of Greece. Their arrival opened the axis of Western civilization. The three Greeks promoted the “awakening of ultimate concern” in Western civilization. Western marble figures Socrates statue  began to face the world in front of them in a rational and moral way, transcending and breaking through the original forms of civilization, religion and mythology, and formed the West with rational, rational, and moral principles. Logic and speculation are the basic philosophical forms, which continue to be in the genes of Western culture today.

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marble figure (1)

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marble figure (2)

Socrates’ view of marble figure Socrates statue:

Most wise men believe that since it is possible to find the norms in the language structure through logical and rational debate, there are no absolute laws in social life, whether they are made by gods or not: everything is made by convention. Marble figure Socrates statue is very opposed to this view. He believes that the moral law is an absolute existence, which cannot be arbitrarily formulated by people due to time and place. Virtue and kindness are the highest embodiment of morality. Therefore, the marble figure Socrates dedicated his life to let the young Athenians re-recognize the morality and value destroyed by the school of the wise.

As we all know, the gods believed in marble figure Socrates statue not only resemble humans in image, but also have the same impulses and desires as humans, but they are more capable than mortals. This means that people’s ethical concepts in social life are formulated by the society itself, not from gods or an absolute moral concept. In the relationship between individuals and society, the most important value concept is honor or shame. This is very different from the concept of sin and salvation that people devote themselves to worshiping a saint with high morals or worshiping a perfect god. Therefore, the norms and values ​​on which the marble figure the Greeks acted, and the common and consistent ethical foundation are relatively scarce in Greek society.

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marble figure (4)

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