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marble face sculpture

Vintage scholar marble face sculpture

The bust commemorates many people who have contributed to the development of our country. It is expressed in various ways. This marble face sculpture is carved from pure white marble. Shows an old man who looks like a scholar, with a cloak on his head. The eyes are slightly closed, as if thinking about a problem. Marble face sculpture’s big beard seems to condense all the wisdom. Put the marble face sculpture in your study room, while giving you the atmosphere of learning, you can also add a lot of retro feeling to your study room.

NO.: AK-stone(CC 101)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The creation of marble face sculpture art:

Marble face sculpture is developed with the emergence of stone sculpture figures. The oldest marble face sculpture discovered so far is a relic from the prosperous period of the Neolithic clan commune. Primitive society portrait sculptures are of great significance for exploring the process of social development and studying the history of plastic arts and ideology, so they have always been highly valued by people. The Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin are the areas where many sculptures of primitive society have been unearthed over the years. Marble face sculpture is a kind of three-dimensional sculpture art that uses certain material materials to make a solid image of art.

marble face sculpture (2)

marble face sculpture (2)

The memorial significance of marble face sculpture:

Egyptian art buildings are huge in volume, magnificent and magnificent, with a strong sense of sublime; the sculptures are simple and realistic, strong in integrity, and tend to be conceptualized, conceptualized and stylized; the painting lines are smooth and beautiful, and the colors are rich. There are still some pyramids, carvings and murals in the tomb. Egyptian art is one of the earliest cultural heritages of mankind, and marble face sculpture has important historical and artistic value. The concept of marble face sculpture refers to the use of realistic sculptures to sculpt characters above the chest, which are mostly used for cast copper, marble or glass steel materials. Marble face sculpture, as the name suggests, is a sculpture that mainly sculpts the upper body of the upper body. Generally, it is usually used to sculpt great man sculptures, celebrity statues, etc. It is more common in the former residences of celebrities. Nowadays, it also appears in various places such as enterprises, hospitals, schools, etc., mostly for commemorative purposes.

bust marble (2)

bust marble (2)

antique marble bust (2)

antique marble bust (2)

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