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Extra large marble david head statue

Marble David Head classical Stone sculpture

The bust David meticulously portrays David’s moments before the battle. His heroic posture, handsome face, his head slightly turned to the left, his eyes are staring at the enemy closely, as if he is searching for the enemy in the distance on the horizon, ready to throw in at any time. A new battle. Extra large marble David head statue, the young hero glaring straight ahead, Extra large marble David’s head statue expression is full of concentrated tension and strong will, his face shows noble, brave, strong look and invincible spirit. These are exactly what the Italian people, who were ravaged by foreign invaders at the time, longed for. The sculptor puts the hope of the people and the ideals of patriots on the Extra large marble David head statue.

NO.: AK-stone( dzh493)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The spirit conveyed by Extra large marble David head statue:

Extra large marble David head statue is a concrete manifestation of Renaissance humanism. Its praise of the human body is, on the surface, a “renaissance” of ancient Greek art. In essence, it means that people have been freed from the shackles of the dark Middle Ages and fully understand people. Great power in transforming the world. The Extra large marble David head statue sculptor injected great enthusiasm in the process of carving, and what he created was not just a bust of David, but a symbol of the artistic expression of the ideological liberation movement.

marble bust david

marble bust David

bust david (1)

bust david (1)

Look at the overall David sculpture from Extra large marble david head statue:

Michelangelo did not follow the predecessor’s scene of David stomping on the enemy’s head after defeating the enemy but chose the state of David when he was greeted by the battle. He meticulously portrayed marble David‘s face before the battle: he stood confidently, bust David’s heroic appearance, and handsome face, his head turned slightly to the left, Extra large marble David head statue eyes were staring at the enemy closely as if he was facing the horizon. He was searching for enemies everywhere, ready for a new battle; he held the sling on his shoulder in his left hand, his right hand drooped naturally, slightly clenched like a fist; his right leg stood firmly on the ground, and his left leg was slightly bent casually.

bust david (2)

bust david (2)

David’s physique is majestic and fit, and his demeanor is brave and strong. His body, face, and muscles are tense and full, giving the statue an inner sense of tension and movement, reflecting all the external and internal idealized male beauty. The looming ribs and visible muscles of David’s chest form undulating waves. And David’s head is tense, alert, and challenging. The harmony of head, neck, and body implies that a proud man is unique when he exposes his body, like a rooster or a male phoenix. The sense of pride and boasting. David’s hands are huge. While the huge hands show off the strength of men, they also exaggerate the psychological feelings of dedication, dedication, and self-confidence that men have when their sexual beauty and physical beauty point to the outside.

bust david (3)

bust david (3)

bust david (4)

bust david (4)

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