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marble bust

Roman soldier general marble bust design

When it comes to retro, the color we first think of is reddish brown. This marble bust gives us a great sense of retro. These are two different generals and heroic leaders in the Roman era. The marble bust is carved with monsters in ancient mythology, representing a brave position. The armor of the marble bust is a combination of brown and red-brown patterns, and the cloak is also very handsome. Our busts can restore the expressions and facial features of the characters to the greatest extent, making the work more memorable.

NO.: AK-stone(CC100 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The plastic art of marble bust:

The most intimate form of marble bust portraits. Sculpture-is an engraved or cast representation of the head (or head and neck). Some sculptors also included shoulders and chests, but most did not. Bust can also be called “head” or “portrait”. Portrait marble bust is usually supported by a base. The bust can be carved from any material. Plastic arts: The most popular media include: marble, terracotta, plaster, clay, bronze and stone. The remaining fragments of Greek sculptures are occasionally shown as marble busts, when in fact they simply break the head of the full-length statue.

marble bust (2)

marble bust (2)

The great significance of marble bust:

Egyptian art buildings are huge, magnificent and magnificent, with a strong sense of sublime; marble bust carvings are simple and realistic, strong overall, and tend to be conceptualized, conceptualized and stylized; the painting lines are smooth and beautiful, and the colors are rich. There are still some pyramids, carvings and murals in the tomb. Egyptian art is one of the earliest cultural heritages of mankind and has important historical and artistic value. The concept of marble bust sculpture refers to the use of realistic sculptures to sculpt characters above the chest, which are mostly used for cast copper, marble or glass steel materials. Marble bust sculpture, as the name suggests, is a sculpture that mainly sculpts the upper body. Generally, it is usually used to sculpt great sculptures and celebrity statues. It is more common in the former residences of celebrities. Nowadays, it also appears in various places such as companies, hospitals, schools, etc. The custom marble bust is mostly for commemorative purposes.

marble statue head (2)

marble statue head (2)

marble statue head

marble statue head

aongking marble statues

marble statues

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