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Jesus marble bust sculpture

Beautiful Jesus marble bust sculpture Gian Lorenzo Bernini artwork

There are so many Jesus marble bust sculptures about religion, and this Jesus bust is literally carving out the essence. Curls of hair on the shoulders carved radian appear very hierarchical. There are three-dimensional deep features, showing the handsome Christ. Jesus marble bust sculpture is mostly for commemorative purposes, so the facial features of the figure are extremely important. It needs to be carved in detail to highlight the spiritual characteristics of the figure. Jesus Christ Jesus marble bust sculpture, a very famous religious commemorative ornament, can be customized to your size.

NO.: AK-stone(Y150)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The popularity of the Jesus marble bust sculpture image of Jesus:

In the Jesus marble bust sculpture of Western figures, Jesus can be said to be very recognizable. The sculptures of Jesus we see are usually nailed to a cross or a halo on the head. Why is Jesus so popular in Western countries? Some people say that Jesus didn’t eat or drink for dozens of days. He was not starved to death. He also wore a halo on his head. Wherever he went, the people would be liberated. Secondly, there were people who said that no matter what kind of disease he suffered, he would be liberated. With just a touch of Jesus’ hand, he could be cured immediately. Therefore, Jesus’ marble bust sculpture became more and more famous, spread all over Judea, and more and more people followed Jesus, and gradually formed a group called Messianicism.

jesus christ detail

jesus christ detail

Jesus marble bust sculpture of the cross of Jesus:

With the growing influence of Jesus, Jesus marble bust sculpture is also very popular. The Romans gradually couldn’t sit still, because Jesus everywhere promoted that the Roman Empire was a dark empire, dedicated to conquering and enslaving other peoples. In addition, the doctrines that Jesus preached were more hostile to the rich, saying that the rich wanted to ascend to heaven after death. It’s harder than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. It was precisely because the doctrines promoted by Jesus violated the bottom line of the Romans, so the Romans began to think about dealing with Jesus. The Romans thought of a way and used the money to buy a believer who was closer to Jesus. Jesus knew this for some reason, so he had the last supper with the twelve closest believers. At the dinner table, Jesus found out that the twelve believers had betrayed him. The other eleven believers were very angry and wanted to hack to death the rebel boy, but in the end, Jesus still did not say who this person was. The next day, Jesus was captured by the Romans. The Romans took him to Jerusalem and then convicted him of violating stability and unity. After a severe blow with a whip, he was crucified alive. Not only the Jesus marble bust sculpture is exquisitely carved, but life-size sculptures are also customized by many people.

jesus christ Gian marble bust

jesus christ Gian marble bust

Jesus praying life size statue

Jesus praying life size statue

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