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Little Dancer of Fourteen Years Marble Statue For Sale

The little dancer statue shows her standing, facing forward with her weight evenly distributed on each leg. little dancer Her bodice has a low cut décolletage, and extends down to her navel, with her head only slightly tilted upwards. little dancer portrays a young girl who dreamed of having an “illustrious life” in ballet, but who also kept “her identity as a girl from the streets of Paris.”.

NO.: AKSY-(33)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The winning athlete will be praised not only by the poems of the greatest poets of the day, but also by a famous sculptor as his young marble little dancer. People regard it as a great honor to have a strong and well-proportioned body, and sculptors also regard it as a great honor to be able to carve such a hero statue by a little dancer. The ancient Greeks who pursued freedom and democracy emphasized the central position of man in the world. They only believed in man’s own power. “Man is the measure of all things”, which made them realize the greatness of man. They admired the beauty of the marble little dancer statues of youth. In their eyes, the ideal character is not a thinking mind, not a sensitive soul, but a naked marble with good blood, well-developed, well-proportioned, agile, and good at all kinds of sports.

kritios boy

kritios boy

Reading boy

Reading boy

A little dancer statue of a young man. “The ancient Greeks affirmed that the beauty of the human body is the expression of the beauty of the soul, so the methods of sculptors and poets are completely different. He did not use brushstrokes to depict the beauty of the soul of the characters, but the marble little dancer statue of youth with a carving knife. This object The appearance is very beautiful. The marble little dancer statue of youth is a symbol of the power of youth in Rome. The surface of the youth marble statue is made of the most classic and natural beige marble. The whole scene has a wooden stake with fruit carved on it, laying the foundation of this youth marble little dancer The tone of the statue. This youth marble statue is designed to be very stable. The man has supports between his legs. The youth marble statue is naked. This youth marble little dancer statue has a headband on his head, muscles Plump and very strong in the posture of the arms. The solid design of the various parts of the marble statue of a youth is good, the muscles of the lines and the connection of the hands. You can decorate your garden with complete confidence.

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boy with a thorn in his foot statue (3)

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