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White buddha statue

Life Size religious art decor Marble White buddha statue

white buddha statue, religious sculpture, religion is a common sculpture in our life. This sculpture is a typical Buddhist sculpture. The place where the Buddha sat, eyes slightly closed, hands clasped together, very kind. You can place the White buddha statue in a pond setting, and the chapel in your private setting also needs a meditative atmosphere. The Buddhist White buddha statue is always a symbol of kindness. If you believe in Buddhism or need something in this regard, you can come to us to order.

NO.: AKM-(dzh146)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The combination of white buddha statue and fountain:

The gurgling water flow is refreshing. At this time, if you match the outdoor White buddha statue fountain. All the more worthwhile to meditate and reflect in a variety of settings. Buddha statues are an important category in sculpture art and religion. It leads people deep inside. Arriving in the direction you are striving for, this outdoor White buddha statue is based on various environments. in the middle of the pond. Outdoor Buddha fountain sitting cross-legged on a raft. There is a lotus flower under the seat. Foquan’s hands outdoors are also folded together calmly. The cassocks on the Buddha statues are also neatly carved. It closed its eyes. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. This outdoor White buddha statue is carved out of pure white marble and contrasts with the flow of water in the fountain. You close your eyes and meditate, reaching another realm within you.

white stone buddha statue (1)

white stone buddha statue (1)

The truth brought to us by the White buddha statue:

We must understand this, the Buddhist White buddha statue has been artistic since a long time ago. Nowadays, many academics in the world focus on art, the art of living, the art of education, the art of learning, and even the art of business, the art of industry, and even the art of fighting and using soldiers. In fact, the earliest artistic teaching was Buddha education. Statues are a kind of art. In the whole Buddhist teaching, not only statues, but also art, music, painting, White buddha statue, and even architecture all show a high degree of art education. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva represents great compassion and compassion. Compassion is benevolence and fraternity. It extends our sincere love to the empty Dharma Realm

Buddha statues

Buddha statues

Buddha home decor

Buddha home decor

and loves all sentient beings as if we love ourselves. Teach us how to love all sentient beings and help all sentient beings. There are so many images of the White buddha statue, which is the boundless nature of our own nature, and each buddha statue represents one of the virtues.

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