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kritios boy

Life Size Ancient Greek Nude Kritios Boy Marble Statue

The marble kritios boy belongs to the sculpture of the early classical period of ancient Greece. It was the first known classical statue to use a contrapposto, and Kenneth Clark called the kritios boy “the first beautiful nude in art”, and it is considered a precursor to the later classical kritios boy sculpture of athletes. It fits well in a gymnasium or exhibition hall. We’ve all seen a toy called a nesting doll. Each layer is the same graph.

NO.:  AKSY-(27)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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This wonderful creation of kritios boy can also be used in our sculpture art. Our male nude sculptures are carved in marble. On the stage, a square stone pillar acts as a support for the men. The male nude sculpture is completely naked, his right hand clenched tightly. The muscles of the naked man sculpture are very full, and a mushroom-shaped hat is also worn on the head of the naked man sculpture, which is a major feature of the Roman era. Male kritios boy nude sculpture holding a small figure sculpture with the same characteristics on his left arm. This is a general’s dream. Every little detail of this male nude sculpture is done just right.

Antique marcellus nude man statue

Antique marcellus nude man statue

Nude man marble statue

Nude man marble statue

The main factors for the emergence and brilliant development of ancient Greek male kritios boy sculptures are the economic system, customs, national habits and natural environment, and the style characteristics of “noble and simple, quiet and great” make it have infinite charm. The ancient Greek male sculpture nude reflects the sublime human soul through heavy art forms and highlights the infinite value of human beings. This is the artistic spirit of the unremitting pursuit of the ancient Greek kritios boy sculpture. In the cultural treasure house of ancient Greece, the male kritios boy sculpture nude art is one of the most brilliant treasures. Ancient Greek male sculpture nudes have witnessed the development of Greek civilization, and the study of ancient Greek sculpture art is a good entrance to explore the great Greek civilization. As long as you accurately grasp the historical origin, style characteristics and artistic spirit of the ancient Greek male kritios boy sculpture nude, you can uncover the veil of the beautiful ancient Greek civilization.

nude man

nude man

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