Project Description

Interactive decoration painting colorful sculpture art “Rainbow tunnel” metal sculpting

painting sculpture art "Rainbow tunnel" metal sculpting

MATERIAL:#304 stainless steel
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your prefer
FINISHING: Mirror / Plated / Colorful Painting / Metallic Painting / Chrome
THICKNESS: 2-3+ mm(Depends on the size of the sculpture can be adjusted)
TECHNOLOGY: Welding / Electroplate / Polishing
INSTALLATION: Our engineer can come to your country to install sculptures.


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“Rainbow tunnel” metal sculpting Details:

“Rainbow tunnel” metal sculpting is made of stainless steel. “Rainbow tunnel” metal sculpting is a sphere with a hollow center like a tunnel, featuring a series of brightly colored interior features to create a fascinating tunnel-like effect. As you move around it, the changing perspective and the play of light make the stainless steel sculpture come alive, providing a dynamic visual experience. The colorful spray paint makes the space very dynamic, not only attracting children but also giving adults some visual impact. “Rainbow tunnel” metal sculpting as a decoration will be a reason for people to stay.

painting sculpture art

painting sculpture art “Rainbow tunnel” metal sculpting