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The lucifer sculpture is also known as fallen angel sculpture. Lucifer sat on a rock full of folded wings. His upper body, arms and legs are naked. In addition to the wings, Joseph Jeeves’ Fallen Angel takes on a fully human form. lucifer sculpture “remarks with its flawless finish and elegant, elegant and even poetic lines”. We can customize fallen angel lucifer sculpture according to the ruler you want.

NO.: AKSY-(35)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Joseph’s marble Fallen Angel Lucifer sculpture torso is fit but youthful; smooth and graceful, almost androgynous. The angel’s expression has been described as “serious, somber, even fierce,” and the cast-down gaze directs the viewer’s eye along the body and thighs to the parted knees. The most obvious satanic element in addition to the wings is the snake uncoiling across the base of the rock. Aongking also can make other angels design statues. Lucifer sculpture is to disobey God, rebel against God, and betray God, the angel who refused to walk with God. The most famous marble fallen angel is named Lucifer. Lucifer got up, took one-third of the angels, and rebelled against God’s authority. As a result, he was thrown from the sky to the ground. This is a beautiful marble lucifer sculpture of Lucifer, surrounded by his huge wings, with chains on his feet, a stick around his neck, and in his hands. He has three-dimensional features, which are a nice marble angel lucifer sculpture.

lucifer detail

lucifer detail

The marble Lucifer sculpture is both a sign that we can make sure that the dead can stay in this world and a little bit of comfort to our psyche. Many people have different opinions on our choice of tombstones. Some people think that one cannot live well when one is alive. The deceased must choose a good tombstone so that the deceased can rest in peace. Some people consider tombstones to be a status symbol, so they should choose expensive tombstones to show their status. Marble sculpture Guardian angel sculpture, mainly angel sculpture or lucifer marble sculpture in Greek mythology, whose image is mainly based on angel statues. In “Angel Statue”, the main story is that Claudius encourages his younger brother to escape and hide in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They accidentally decipher the secrets of Michelangelo’s angel statue. The hollow guardian marble angel sculpture can echo the marble angel statue. You can find a bronze angel from Aongking.

lucifer detail (2)

lucifer detail (2)

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