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High Quality The Veiled Vestal Virgin Marble Bust Statue

This marble carving bust depicts the veiled bust of the Virgin Mary. The veil she wears is so realistically carved that it looks like a real veil, her face looming, and the wreath on her head brings out the grace and holiness of the Virgin. There are many kinds of marble carving sculpture designs of Virgin Mary, we can customize marble carving according to the design you like. The Virgin Mary has different poses and physical features in different countries.

NO.: AKSY-(39)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

More Similar Sculpture

Our Mongolian woman marble carving sculpture is carved with very superb marble yarn craftsmanship. Here is a nun Mary kneeling on a marble square plinth. It has a wreath on its head and a thin veil on its body. Who would have thought that the dress and mask were carved from solid marble. The hands of this veiled female marble marble sculpture hold a plate full of flowers and bones. This veiled female marble carving sculpture is also alive. The veiled female marble tulle seems to be blown by the breeze. We have many different pretty faces for these designs. Hope you choose the veiled female marble sculpture to make your heart more pious. Look at these veiled female marble carving sculptures covered with the thinnest marble veil,

marble statue of woman with veil

marble statue of woman with veil

We all wonder: why are they so obsessed with carving out the thinnest sheer fabric out of a solid stone? How does the stone express the lightest fabric, softness and folds, a balmy breeze, while preserving every feature of the face and body. It’s hard to believe it’s made of solid marble and human hands. The veil has a unique religious meaning, and the female marble carving of “wearing the veil” is a woman’s commitment to religious life. The veil means she isolates herself from the world in order to be closer to God. As a symbol of her devotion, the veil also symbolizes the nun becoming the bride of Christ. It takes a lot of skill to turn a solid material like marble into a flowing fabric that hugs the body. Delicate veiled female marble carving statue from Carrara marble in Rome. This masterpiece is considered part of the Italian cultural image. Numerous writers have created veiled marble statues of women, and this one by Antonio Corradini is another classic bust. Take a closer look at this marble carving statue of a veiled marble woman. The edge of the veil is placed on the chest, and the pattern on the veil is clearly sculpted, with a tubular top skirt covering the body and a plump figure. This sculpture is so charming. If you keep it at home, you will definitely be attracted to him.

the veiled vestal Raffaelle Monti (1)

the veiled vestal Raffaelle Monti (1)

the veiled virgin

the veiled virgin

aongking marble statues

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