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High Quality Greek Nude Man Marble Statue For Sale

The greek mythology statues of ancient Greece always pursue a romantic beauty. Even for men, the characters are depicted in a gentle style. The man is sculpted with his right hand raised and a half-cloak draped over his shoulders. The whole image of greek mythology statues has a looming beauty. Full of Western romanticism. By the pool in the garden, these greek mythology statues are set against the white of the marble.

NO.: AKSY-(77)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The greek mythology statues marble is pure white with dark accents. Made the Greek statue female more three-dimensional. Behind every Greek female statue is the history of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and those handed down carving skills have brought a lot of beauty to our modern times. The unparalleled carving skills of ancient Rome mainly focused on body carving and were completely unsuitable for body painting. In a way it resembles a one-legged giant, and ancient Greek and Roman carving was often limited to Greek female statues. On the human body, the forms are also mainly reliefs and carvings of greek mythology statues. It is characterized by delicate lines and unusually precise proportions of the human body, almost perfect. The Minoan civilization seems to have inherited the characteristics of ancient Egyptian outline art, but it innovated in the composition, proportions and colors of the human body. Sadly, so far, apart from the greek mythology statues, there is a lack of more information and materials, so I don’t know the tools and paint composition of their paintings, but it seems that they all have special preservation techniques. Three thousand years later, the colors are so bright and stunning, under the influence of corrosive sea breezes.

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famous greek statues male

Whether it is greek mythology statues or ancient Roman sculptures, even though there are many differences in social background, artistic concept, and sculpture techniques, they are inseparable from the basic elements of sculpture. One is the sense of volume and space. Greek column sculpture is a three-dimensional entity, a kind of body art that exists in space and is expressed in space; the other is persistence and temporality. In material properties it is used as greek mythology statues. These materials are relatively permanent. In terms of application attributes, the normalization of the whole or the subject, the combination of the two constitutes the constancy of Greek column sculpture; the third is the beauty of symbolism and connotation. A certain work created by an artist often conveys certain artistic ideas and ideas. A humanistic concept, or an expression of a certain emotion. greek mythology statues not only emphasize the authenticity of the outer form, but also reproduce the inner content of spirit and life; the fourth is aesthetics. Sculpture in the Greek column style is often a symbol of a certain area or range. Create beautiful poetic space and cultural space in a certain space.

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