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calliope by Augustin Pajou

High Quality Calliope Marble Statue by Augustin Pajou

In Greek mythology, it refers to the chief of the nine muses (the goddess of literature and art), who govern poetry. This marble calliope by Augustin Pajou sculpture shows its character well. She wears a thin dress, calliope by Augustin Pajou, in which every pattern and layer is sculpted with a three-dimensional effect. Her plump body looks beautiful. The book she holds in her right hand also reflects her commitment to poetry. This beautiful sculpture of a woman calliope by Augustin Pajou will bring you the most wonderful decorative atmosphere.

NO.: AK-stone(Y21)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Greek mythology is the most systematic myth in the world and has the greatest impact on human civilization. It has a complete and grand system, rich and beautiful stories, profound implications and far-reaching influence. Calliope by Augustin Pajou is a shortcut for us to directly understand and understand the source of Western civilization. Greek mythology has had a comprehensive and profound impact on the religion, philosophy, thought, customs, natural science, literature and art of the entire West and even human beings, and has long been an inseparable part of the entire Western culture. Therefore, the ancient Greek myths and legends have become the source of the sculpture art of the ancient Greek goddess calliope by Augustin Pajou, and the sculpture art of the goddess calliope by Augustin Pajou has been developed rapidly. The Greeks’ consciousness of God in ancient times actually originated from the human’s understanding of nature in the barbaric period. It was the product of the ancient Greeks’ understanding and understanding of nature and the surrounding society by means of imagination in the period of low productivity development. The ancient Greeks believed in polytheism, and they regarded all kinds of powerful natural forces or other puzzling phenomena and things that were not transferred by human will as divine power.

Marble statue of bath woman (4)

Marble statue of bath woman (4)

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life size woman for garden

Greek mythology contains the rational thinking of human beings on the mysteries of nature, and breeds the germination of historical and philosophical concepts. Therefore, Greek mythology is not only the arsenal of Greek art, but also its soil. Greek mythology not only did not restrain the imagination and creativity of the artist, but also became the premise of the ancient Greek goddess sculpture art, provided material and nourishment for the statue of the goddess calliope by Augustin Pajou, and also played a crucial role in the formation of the goddess sculpture style and characteristics. important role. Greek artists have put a lot of effort into the representation of their goddess statues, the purpose is to show the different beauty of the goddess in different forms. There are many forms of expression of ancient Greek goddesses, but mainly in the form of nude expression. Looking at the sculptures of the goddess calliope by Augustin Pajou in ancient Greece, it is not difficult to find that many of the sculptures of the goddess are naked or even naked. Why do they form such a feature? In fact, the sculptures of the goddess calliope by Augustin Pajou are presented in this form There are many factors in front of the world, but the relationship with Greek mythology cannot be ignored. Nude sculptures of goddesses in ancient Greece are closely related to worship, religion, and mythology. The Greek goddess nude calliope by Augustin Pajou sculpture art is out of the needs of the gods, and it is the Greek myth that gave him the sacred meaning. Nude art is loaded with religious connotations, bearing human’s yearning for myth and pursuit of God.

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