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 Marble angel Statue

Hand carved outdoor life size Marble angel Statue

Marble angel Statue exists not only to decorate beautiful gardens. There is also a deep cemetery, which is more of that special emotion. This Marble angel Statue is carefully carved by our sculptor. She is wearing a flowing skirt and each feather carved on the wings on the back is delicate. , Unfolding behind, it is a symbol of their freedom. The face of the woman Marble angel Statue is calm and elegant. She stretched out her hand to comfort those who left and the sad people alive. Why our background is black and white, because we are sure that our customized Marble angel Statue will one day keep you away from sorrow.

NO.: AKM-(dzh20)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Image source of Marble angel Statue:

The white marble Western beauty Marble angel Statue is the most common type of Western figure sculpture. It is mainly placed in urban squares, parks, communities and other places, playing a very decorative role. The white marble stone carving of a Western beauty angel is a sacred symbol. It is a pure spiritual body with outstanding intelligence and great power. Marble angel Statue is mainly carved with angels in Greek mythology. Its characters are mainly based on angel statues. In the book “Angel Statue”, it is mainly about that Claudius encouraged her brother to leave together and hide in the Metropolitan Museum of New York. They accidentally deciphered the mystery of Michelangelo’s angel statue. The image of Marble angel Statue coincides with each other. Marble angel Statue is from the angel angel of ancient Greek myths and legends.

Marble angel Statue (1)
Mythological history of Marble angel Statue:

Marble angel Statue, the original meaning refers to the messenger of God. Represents holiness and goodness, the conveyer of God’s will of Allah, the spirit who serves God, and the protector who is sent by God to protect believers from demons. They are the spirit that serves God Allah. God Allah sends them to the earth to help those in need, to convey God’s will, and they are God’s spokesperson on earth. Angels are sometimes in human form, with a glowing body, a halo on the top of their heads, and some with wings. In the image of angels carved in stone, the figures of angels are generally children, representing purity and kindness. Christianity believes that angels are pure bodies and cannot be possessed by any creatures. They can only be possessed by creatures without original sins and souls. Angels are the incarnations of pure good, so they will never tolerate the existence of evil. Angels sometimes become Human forms, angels are the sons created by gods. Therefore, in ancient Greek myths and legends, Marble angel Statue is an indispensable soul figure. Therefore, in Greek culture, the image of Marble angel Statue has long existed. Stone-carved angels, in other words, are the incarnation of truth, goodness and beauty. Therefore, after entering our country, angels are mostly small innocent children with wings. Usually, Marble angel Statue is commonly used as garden sculpture inside.

Marble angel Statue (2)

Marble angel Statue (2)

Marble angel Statue (2)

Marble angel Statue (2)

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