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white nature marble Hercules and Cacus sculpture

Greek Figure Hercules and Cacus Marble Life Size Statue

Hercules slaying the monster Karkas is a symbol of strength. In this Hercules and Cacus sculpture, the demigod Hercules, he killed the fire-breathing monster Cacus in the tenth labor of stealing cattle, Hercules and Cacus sculpture is a symbol of physical strength, and a symbol of spiritual strength David is nicely juxtaposed, both symbols coveted by the Medici family. Outside the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy, to the right of the door is the Hercules and Cacus sculpture.

NO.:  AKSM-(92)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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In order for these excellent Hercules and Cacus sculptures to let us feel his temperature more realistically, our artisans carefully crafted his shape with marble. At the same time, we support customization of different sizes. As long as we know your needs, we will give you a satisfactory Hercules and Cacus sculpture. The story of Hercules is a classic of Greek legends, from which our artists took inspiration and created twelve pieces of Hercules marble Greek ornaments based on this story, showing different expressions in the hands of different sculptors. expression. The Hercules marble Greek decorations we are showing today are two suitable for decorating in front of your door or in the garden. Hercules and Cacus sculpture has two bases for more stable movement and presence. The Hercules and Cacus sculpture goes like this: Hercules holds up a large wooden stick, wraps it around himself like a snake, and smashes it into pieces. Another is Hercules holding a three-headed hound in his arms.

sculpture marble of Hercules and Telephos (1)

sculpture marble of Hercules and Telephos (1)

male famous greek statues-Hercules beating Centaur Nesso-Loggia dei Lanzi (3)

male famous greek statues-Hercules beating Centaur Nesso-Loggia dei Lanzi (3)

Every scene of Hercules and Cacus sculpture is very intense and vivid, making you feel immersive and three-dimensional. Like the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans admired Greek marble decoration. Hercules and Cacus sculpture can be found everywhere, whether in arenas, baths, or in public squares, while small Hercules marble Greek decorations are often found in private gardens and indoor shrines. Roman Emperor Commodus liked to play the role of Hercules, who, clothed in the skin of a lion and armed with a stick, personally fought gladiators and lions. Commodus also customized many Hercules and Cacus sculptures, and made Hercules’ face in Greek marble. The famous painter Rubens believed that “the artist who pursues perfection must have a deep understanding of ancient sculpture”. There is a lot of research on this Hercules and Cacus sculpture in Rubens’ manuscripts. As art historian Geoffrey Müller has pointed out, Farnese Hercules appears again and again as the archetype of perfect masculinity in Rubens’ magnificent paintings of heroic figures.

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