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granite angel statues

Gentle woman garden marble granite angel statues

What a beautiful granite angel statues, life-size sculptures. In front of us appeared a very temperamental guardian angel. The flowing dress on her body was actually carved out of hard marble. Each feather of the wings on the back of the granite angel statues is meticulously carved. She clasped a large feather in her hands and placed it in front of her body. The granite angel statues represented the meaning of guardianship. This angel sculpture can be placed in the cemetery to protect your loved ones.

NO.: AK-stone(CC52 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The importance of the image of granite angel statues:

Granite angel statues are the spirit that serves God Allah. God Allah sends them to the earth to help those in need, to convey God’s will, and they are God’s spokesperson on earth. The appearance of granite angel statues is sometimes human, with glowing bodies, a halo on the top of their heads, and some with wings. In the image of angels carved in stone, the figures of angels are generally children, representing purity and kindness. Christianity believes that angels are pure bodies and cannot be possessed by any creatures. They can only be possessed by creatures without original sins and souls. Angels are the incarnations of pure good, so they will never tolerate the existence of evil. Granite angel statues sometimes In the human form, angels are sons created by gods. Therefore, in ancient Greek myths and legends, angels are indispensable soul figures. Therefore, in Greek culture, the image of granite angel statues has long existed.

granite angel statues (2)

granite angel statues (2)

granite angel statues are commonly used to decorate:

Granite angel statues, in other words, are the incarnation of truth, goodness, and beauty. Therefore, after entering our country, most of the images of angels are small innocent children with wings. Usually, granite angel statues are commonly used as garden sculptures inside. Many of the granite angel statues we see are girls or children with wings. Now in many places, we compare granite angel statues to innocent and lovely people (mostly referring to women or children). Perhaps we will regard doctors or nurses as the object of worship for angels. The Bible uses several different words to define angels. Or God’s messenger, many books record that as God’s messenger, angels are “beings in the heave

angel memorials (2)

angel memorials (2)

sculpture angel (2)

sculpture angel (2)

ns who are sent by God to undertake missions.”

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