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god marble statue

Classic figure Apollo god marble statue

The most classic and handsome god marble statue in Greek mythology is this very classic Apollo, the god of the sun. This young god has attracted many people’s love. He is handsome and powerful. He was naked and masculine, with a cloak over his shoulders and arms, and a bow and arrow on his back. She leaned on the stone pillar with one hand and even made a bowing posture with the other. The god marble statue is a very popular Greek god marble statue with perfect body proportions and a focused demeanor.

NO.: AK-stone(CC76 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The typical image of god marble statue:

The typical image of Apollo’s god marble statue is a seven-string lyre in his right hand and a golden ball that symbolizes the sun in his left hand. He is the protector of musicians, poets, and archers. He is the god of light, he never lies, is open and honest, and there is no darkness in him. He is also called the God of truth. He is very clever, well versed in world affairs, and also a god of prophecy. He imparts medical skills to mankind and is also the god of medicine. He is proficient in archery and never misses. He is in charge of music, medicine, art, and prophecy at the same time. The god marble statue is the most versatile and beautiful god in Greek mythology, and it also symbolizes the beauty of men. The god marble statue is also the most widely known sculpture in art history. Apollo is the ancient god of the muse and war. The work was discovered at the end of the fifteenth century and is almost intact. Julius II put it on display in the observation deck courtyard, the latest time is 1508.

god marble statue (2)

god marble statue (2)

The classical idealism of god marble statue:

The original god marble statue was completed between 330 and 2030 BC. It is said that it was completed by the Athenian sculptor Leokaris. Apollo’s god marble statue is well-known for its balanced appearance. This statue of Apollo, which is taller than a real person, did not portray his love of art as the god of the muse, nor did he hold the harp, but assumed a more heroic posture. He stepped forward with his right foot, looking to the left, and his upper body was also slightly slanted to the left. His cloak hung over his back and left arm, showing a perfectly proportioned and robust upper body. Since being placed in the octagonal courtyard, many replicas of the god marble statue have been widely disseminated and are also regarded as a symbol of classical beauty. In the middle of the eighteenth century, ancient antiquarian John Joachim Winkelman praised it, and believed that it showed “the highest artistic ideal of all classical artworks.”

Apollo life size statue

Apollo life size statue

Apollo belvedere marble statue

Apollo belvedere marble statue

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