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Muse of History Clio marble full size statues

At first glance, I was attracted by the beauty of this full size statue, which is the famous historical muse Clio in Greek mythology. This sculpture was placed in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. Clio is sometimes called the “announcer” and is usually represented by an open scroll of parchment, a book or a set of writing boards. The full size statues are carved from marble, and under her feet are a clock and a platform with wings. Clio is recording history and time with a scroll in his hand. Clio full size statues have a graceful figure and a beautiful face.

NO.: AK-stone(CC148 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The development of full size statues of ancient Greek goddesses:

The development and progress of the ancient Greek goddess full size statues are inseparable from Greek mythology. Under the influence of Greek mythology, the ancient Greek goddess full size statues have made breakthroughs in many aspects. In terms of subject matter, Greek mythology provided a lot of rich material for ancient Greek goddess sculptures, and formed a unique artistic form of nude in the form of expression, and achieved the aesthetic thought of perfect combination of realism and idealization. These artistic characteristics are given to it by Greek mythology, which makes these goddess statues unique in the world of art and become a precious heritage in the treasure house of human culture. Throughout the history of the development of Western sculpture, it can be said that there are various styles and styles, but they can always bring people moving and amazement. The goddess full size statues in ancient Greek sculpture art are also deeply imprinted in people’s hearts. . The full size statues of the ancient Greek goddess stood out in the history of world sculpture. Her unique inner vitality and artistic charm have become the yearning and model of later generations’ artistic pursuit, and have had a profound impact on the art of the entire world.

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The effect of mythology on the goddess full size statues:

Greek mythology is the most systematic myth in the world and has the greatest impact on human civilization. Its system is complete and magnificent, its stories are rich and beautiful, its meaning is profound, and its influence is far-reaching. It is a shortcut for us to directly understand and understand the origin of Western civilization. Greek mythology has had a comprehensive and profound impact on the religion, philosophy, thought, customs, natural science, literature and art of the entire West and even human beings, and has long become an inseparable part of the entire Western culture figure sculpture. Therefore, the long myths and legends of ancient Greece became the source of the full size statues of the ancient Greek goddesses, and made the art of goddess sculptures develop rapidly. The Greeks’ consciousness of gods in ancient times actually originated from the human knowledge of nature in the barbaric period. It was the product of the ancient Greeks who used their imagination to know and understand nature and the surrounding society in a period of low productivity development. Greek mythology not only did not restrain the imagination and creativity of the artist, but also became the prerequisite for the art of the ancient Greek goddess full size statues. It provided materials and nourishment for the goddess statues, and also played a crucial role in the formation of the style and characteristics of the goddess full size statues. Important role.

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full size statues (4)

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