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four music cherub

Villa ornament four music cherub marble sculptures

Small angel stone decorations are very popular in western homes’ villas and yards. Our four music cherub has a combined beauty. On four neat marble columns, there are four music cherub statues. They have different postures, some holding a lute in their hands, and some holding a piano. There are also flower baskets or fruits. They respectively represent many different meanings. The carvings of these four music cherubs are very delicate, lively and cute, and bring vitality to your yard.

NO.: AK-stone(CC51 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The usual image of four music cherubs:

In the stone sculpture four music cherub image, the angels are usually children, representing purity and kindness. Christianity believes that angels are pure bodies and cannot be possessed by any creatures. They can only be possessed by creatures without original sins and souls; the four music cherub is the incarnation of pure good, so it will never tolerate the existence of evil. Angels sometimes In the human form, angels are sons created by gods. Therefore, in ancient Greek myths and legends, angels are indispensable soul figures. Therefore, in Greek culture, the image of stone carving four music cherubs has long existed. The stone sculpture four music cherub, in other words, is the incarnation of truth, goodness, and beauty. Therefore, after entering our country, the image of angels is mostly small innocent children with wings.

cherub carving decor

cherub carving decor

The decorative role of four music cherubs in life:

The marble western four music cherub sculpture is a common character landscape sculpture in western cities. It has a variety of shapes, such as squatting and stretching, holding flowers, carrying lanterns, blowing, playing, and singing. The shape is mostly placed in platforms, squares, parks, and other places. While decorating the environment, the four music cherub provides people with an active living atmosphere. It has become a beautiful scenery line in various scenic spots; four music cherub is placed in the park, which is used for the decoration and beautification of the park. Due to the appearance of four music cherubs, the landscape of the park has increased and the connotation of the park has been enriched; four music cherub pendulum Placed in the square, it mainly reflects the trend of history and times, the ideals and wishes of the people. It often reveals the theme of a particular environment and building in image language, using symbolic and allegorical techniques.

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