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Statue on Ponte Sant' Angelo

Famous Figure Marble Angel with the Cross Statue

This is a Roman sculpture of a marble angel, a marble statue of an angel standing on a pedestal near a bridge. Angel figure plump, a head of curly hair, was behind the big wings even feathers are carved meticulous, clear lines. Her dress was flowing and free. She had her head on her side and was holding a cross. The marble angel cross means many things, and it means different things to different people and beliefs. This sculpture of a marble angel holding a cross is well worth customizing.

NO.: AK-stone(Y55 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The meaning of marble angel sculpture:

The original meaning of angel refers to God’s messenger, a messenger from heaven. Similar concepts are found in most religious beliefs. Christians generally translate as angels; Muslims sometimes translate as angels. Representing holiness, goodness, and integrity, the marble angel is the transmitter of the will of God (Allah), the spirit who serves God (Allah), and the protector sent by God (Allah) to protect believers from being disturbed by demons. Marble Angel brings the message of God to man into the bridge of the world. Human monitors, faithful recorders of people’s actions (including secrets), fighters against the enemies of the kingdom of God, and people with special occupations in the kingdom of God.

In Christianity, Muslims, Judaism, and other theology, angels often act as messengers, followers, and agents of God. This refers to the messenger of heaven, and there are similar concepts in many other religions, and it is translated as “angel” in Chinese. In the Bible, the will of God is usually communicated by angels. Marble angel is a pure spiritual body, with outstanding intelligence and great power, and it is very sacred. Angels are composed of matter light as air so that they can be transformed into the most suitable material forms according to their needs.

marble angel (1)

marble angel (1)

Responsibilities and nature of religious marble angel:

The definitions of angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are very similar, or even identical. Marble angel is the spirit that serves God (Allah). God (Allah) sends them to the earth to help those in need, convey the will of God (Allah), and are the spokesperson of God (Allah) on earth. The appearance of a marble angel is sometimes human, with a glowing body, a halo on the top of the head, and some with wings. Although many people claim that they have witnessed the appearance of angels, both the Bible and the Quran believe that angels are spirit bodies without entities, and examples of materialization are extremely rare.

Christianity believes that marble angels are “pure bodies” and cannot be attached to any creatures. The only thing that can be attached to is the immaculate sin body (soulless creatures); angels are the incarnations of pure “good”, so they will never be tolerated.” “Evil” exists, but it is not a friend of mankind. According to the Old Testament “Bible”, Marble Angel will punish guilty people harshly and severely in accordance with God’s orders. For example, the killing of 185,000 Assyrian soldiers overnight (“The Kings”), the death of all Egyptians’ first babies and domestic animals (“Exodus”), etc.

marble angel (2)

marble angel (2)

marble angel (3)

marble angel (3)

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