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Hercules of Farnes is a greek art sculpture of ancient Hercules. Farnes Hercules is a huge marble greek art sculpture based on a lost original, cast in bronze through a method called lost wax casting. It depicts a muscular but tired Hercules leaning against his club, which is covered with the skin of a Nemean lion. We can also customize the greek art sculpture of Hercules.

NO.: AKSY-(76)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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This Hercules greek art sculpture is a more representative work of this era, showing the image of the hero Hercules resting after fatigue. In Greek mythology, Hercules is the greatest hero. With his tenacious fighting spirit, he overcame many difficulties, completed twelve arduous tasks assigned to him by the gods, and rescued Prometheus, who stole fire for mankind. In Hercules greek art sculpture, the human body is bent, the left leg supports the body’s weight, the left arm rests on the pillar, and the right arm is behind the back. This variety of poses creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Although the characters are in a relaxed state, they are still extremely strong, and there seems to be a great strength in their seemingly peaceful bodies. The muscular depiction of Hercules greek art sculpture is very exaggerated. Whether it is the volume of the muscle, or the sense of strength it shows, it has reached a state of saturation, making people feel that it can burst into powerful energy at any time.

yard hercules marble

yard hercules marble

The handling of the body is not chaotic because of the exaggeration of the muscles, but the front and rear turns and side turns are distinct, forming a solid and powerful overall shape. From the Hercules greek art sculpture, we can also see the anthropometric view of Lexipus, that is, the length of the head is one-eighth of the body. This ratio has a profound impact on the later statue art of Hercules. There are countless designs of Hercules greek art sculpture here, different artists and different modeling designs, not only the story sculptures carved by his twelve missions, but also this classic resting Hercules greek art sculpture, customized using various materials Sculpture, this marble is very classic, using high quality white marble. The statue of Hercules rests with one hand on the pillar and is covered with tiger skins. This is a character who has just gone through a tiger fight. The muscles and fatigue of Hercules greek art sculpture, the shape and demeanor of the characters are all carved out. This great operation shows…

hercules statue

hercules statue

Statue of marble hercules

Statue of marble hercules

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