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egypt Anubis marble statue

Ancient mythological figures classic Egypt Anubis marble statue custom artwork

Our Egypt Anubis marble statue is a very advanced and exquisitely carved ancient mythological artwork. A jackal with a gorgeous crown on his head, with a naked upper body, muscular body, and an Egyptian-style skirt on the lower body. The role of the Egypt Anubis marble statue here is to sit on top of the tomb and protect the tomb. And we can see the details of this Egypt Anubis marble statue, the chair he made is engraved with the unique runes of ancient Egypt. A wolf head sitting upright, a strong man’s body. Carved in white marble, this Egypt Anubis marble statue shows the strong atmosphere of ancient Egypt.

NO.: AK-stone(CC847 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The background story of Egypt Anubis marble statue:

Egypt Anubis marble statue is the god of death in ancient Egyptian mythology, a god of animal heads related to mummification and life after death. It appears in the pharaoh’s tomb murals in the image of a jackal head and a human body. The afterlife was extremely important to the ancient Egyptians, so Anubis was worshiped long ago. The Egypt Anubis marble statue has the head of a jackal, a common wild dog that hunts for scavenged food in cemeteries. People pray to Anubis for the protection of the dead. He also helped Isis mummify Osiris, and handed over the position of Pluto to Osiris. The Egypt Anubis marble statue is painted in black, a color that symbolizes regeneration, life, the soil of the Nile, and the discoloration of embalmed corpses. Anubis is related to his brother Upuot and is another god who is depicted with a dog-shaped head, but appears as gray or white.

egypt Anubis marble statue (1)

egypt Anubis marble statue (2)

egypt Anubis marble statue (2)

Responsibilities of Egypt Anubis marble statue:

The Egypt Anubis marble statue is usually depicted as a male with the head of a jackal but has also been described as a jackal wearing a ribbon, with a flail hooked to his forearm. In ancient Egypt, jackals were strongly associated with cemeteries, as scavengers such as jackals would go to cemeteries to eat exposed dead bodies. The unique black color on the Egypt Anubis marble statue is not the color of common jackals, but the color of carrion and the black soil of the Nile Valley, symbolizing rebirth. In some funeral texts, the Egypt Anubis marble statue is described as accompanying the mummy of the deceased or sitting on top of the grave to protect it. In fact, during the embalming process, the chief embalmer would dress up as Anubis.

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