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door front statue

Vivid playing lotus dragon marble door front statue

No matter what kind of house, our feng shui must be good so that the whole family can live smoothly. Regarding the door front statue, there are many styles to choose from, most of which are animal sculptures with good feng shui meaning. This is a dragon carved from natural stone, hovering on both sides of the door. The claws of the door front statue are meticulously carved, and each dragon scale is clearly visible. The beard and side hair of the door front statue dragon are also subtle. In front of the door front statue is a lotus-shaped stone sculpture. In addition to the dragon, the lion door front statue is also often chosen.

NO.: AKM-(cc78)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant , Play ground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The meaning of stone carving dragon door front statue

The stone-carved dragon door front statue symbolizes a kind of indomitable meaning, and it is also a kind of inheritance and continuation of ancient art by modern people. Now, the use of stone-carved dragon pillars can be said to be very extensive in many places. The carving process is more advanced and exquisite. Many stone carving dragon door front statues are often lifelike. In addition, the dragon column is a very representative building of the Chinese nation, and its existence is also very long. Therefore, it is now endowed with a kind of meaning for auspiciousness. The door front statue also represents the crystallization of the wisdom of ancient people, and it is also a kind of good wishes for people’s life.

The unique beauty of the door front statue:

The dragon door front statue is a kind of carving art, but it is actually a decoration with meaning. For example, some people like to put pendants on the car, but lions in front of the house, and like to worship Guanyin at home, and put stone carvings at the door. The dragon door front statue is generally regarded as a kind of auspicious meaning, implying the auspiciousness of the world, the townhouse, and the evil spirits. Stone carving dragon door front statue carving represents the highest craftsmanship of stone carving, because, in the carving process, craftsmen and masters have very important requirements everywhere. This kind of emphasis on fine craftsmanship has enabled the rapid development of stone dragon pillar products, and will also allow more people to like to learn about the stone carving dragon door front statue and to appreciate this very unique beauty.

finished animals sculpture

Package: Inside: soft plaetic foam / blanket.
Outside : strong and standard wooden batten cases or box.
Shipping: 1. by sea ( special for life size sculpture and large sculptrues ).
2. by air ( special for small sculptures or when clients need sculptures very urgently ).
3. by express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS OR FEDEX.
Please kindly contact us! We will depends on your sculpture and local situation, find a best delivery way for you reference.

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