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archaic greek sculpture

Customized Greek Nude Woman Marble Sculpture

Harmony and serenity are fundamental features of ancient Greek art. In this half-squatted nude female archaic greek sculpture, with a clay pot at her feet, her skin and pure marble are perfectly combined, making the archaic greek sculpture more attractive. Under the carving knife of our company’s artists, both gods and people endow it with the temperament characteristics of body symmetry, peace of mind, and harmony between the inner and outer worlds and nature. In ancient Greek mythology, there are many goddesses, but the most beautiful among them is Aphrodite archaic greek sculpture, the goddess of love and beauty.

NO.: AKSY-(62)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Archaic greek sculpture She is Venus in Roman mythology. She is also the goddess of marriage and maternal love, as well as the goddess of seafaring. The marble statue of Aphrodite is half-squatted, fully embodying the charm of the female body. . We trace the beauty of myth through the Greek archaic greek sculpture Aphrodite. First of all, the three words “Venus” represent beauty. “Venus” was her alias in the Roman Empire. In ancient Greek mythology, she was called the Greek archaic greek sculpture Aphrodite. She is the most beautiful of the goddesses and the one most depicted and sculpted by artists. The Romans regarded “Venus” as the “God of Love”, and the Greek carved Aphrodite called it “the mother of the country”, because the Romans believed that the majestic Roman city was established by the descendants of Aphrodite. Due to various reasons, this archaic greek sculpture is incomplete, and later generations have tried to repair her, but no matter how it is repaired, it cannot compare to her own incompleteness. And this incomplete beauty allows us to appreciate her shapely body curves more fully.

aphrodite marble statue

aphrodite marble statue

aphrodite of Greek gods

aphrodite of Greek gods

The Greek Aphrodite archaic greek sculpture uses the navel as the dividing line. Her body ratio is about 0.68:1, and the head-to-body ratio is 1:8, which is often referred to as the nine-headed body; no matter from which angle, it is the most perfect golden ratio, which is also strict when carving by the ancient Greeks. proportions to follow. Greek Aphrodite archaic greek sculpture is one of the reasons ancient Greece was so great they built the equation of beauty. We all know that in Greek mythology, the most beautiful is Aphrodite, and there are many versions of her Greek sculpture Aphrodite, such as the very famous Greek half-squatting sculpture Aphrodite, exhibited in the art gallery, we can appreciate the beautiful sculpture art, and now our factory can also customize these Greek archaic greek sculpture, Aphrodite, this Greek archaic greek sculpture Aphrodite is carved in marble, Aphrodite Dite stood on a square plinth, she was naked and well-proportioned, with her head half tilted and a beautiful bun on her head. The Greek sculpture Aphrodite’s arm was broken, but it became a unique feature of this sculpture. Humans are not perfect, let alone gods.

Nude figure sculpture

Nude figure sculpture

greek sculpture of aphrodite

aongking marble statues

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