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Memorial marble sculpture park queen custom life size statues

Women have an irreplaceable position in history, and they also play the role of noble people. We can commemorate the production of custom life size statues with marble carvings. These are the queens in history. The sculptures stand upright and full of pride. With confidence, cross your arms around your waist. Add a touch of gentleness to custom life size statues. The custom life size statues of queens of different countries, those famous figures and the perfect match of the purity of marble, fit the pure and true souls of the characters. Come and enjoy the customization of these realistic character sculptures.

NO.: AK-stone(CC 150)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The significance of commemorative custom life size statues to people:

Memorial custom life size statues are the spirit of place created by the emotional transmission of the landscape. Memorial sculptures have thinking, emotion, spiritual and social functions. They are a place of recollection of the past, a place of mourning, a place of contemplation and gathering. The essence of commemorativeness is “to commemorate the past, to express history, and to hope that this performance will continue.” A material or abstract sculpture used to mark a certain thing or for future generations to remember, and a material that can trigger human associations and memories. Sex or custom life size statues, and material or abstract scenes with historical value or cultural relics. And commemoration is memory and nostalgia for emotions, it is the record and statement of important historical figures or historical events. Human beings are a kind of perceptual animals, and they have indelible feelings of nostalgia and attachment to any past, and these characters’ custom life size statues have appeared. This cognition of the past is “remembrance.” This kind of commemoration is manifested in the realistic restoration of historical events, such as the construction of commemorative landscapes for people to place emotions on.

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The role of custom life size statues in society:

Historically, custom life size statues have always existed as decorations in the environment, even in modern society, this tradition still remains. Compared with other types of environments, sculpture plays a non-negligible role in the residential environment. Its form, location, and quantity all play an important role in creating the atmosphere of the entire residential area. Sculptures in living quarters mainly refer to outdoor sketch sculptures with ornamental features. Custom life size statues are a kind of plastic art with strong appeal. Living community sculptures come from life, but they often give people a more perfect appreciation and enjoyment than life itself. It beautifies people’s hearts, cultivates people’s sentiments, and gives gardens. Bright and vivid theme, unique spiritual connotation and artistic charm. Character sculpture is a sculpture art made of various figures from ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad. It refers to the use of various plastic materials or sculpted and engraved hard materials to create visual and tangible artistic figures with a certain space. Custom life size statues reflect social life and express the artist’s aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, and aesthetic ideals. Figure stone carving originated from arts and crafts, and most figure sculpture crafts have strong practicality.

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