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custom god Hermes marble

Life size custom god Hermes marble sculpture

The mythology of Greece and Rome is fascinating. Regarding those vivid characters, sculptures made each god appear more three-dimensionally in front of people. This custom god Hermes marble sculpture is a famous traveler god. On a rock, Hermes sat leisurely, tilted. The custom god Hermes marble is the image of a young person. He wears a fashionable travel hat on his head. It has small wings on his hat and on his ankles, making it easy for him to go to various places. the custom god Hermes marble is really a good interpretation of the duties of gods.

NO.: AK-stone(CC71 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The mythological background of custom god Hermes marble’s duties:

custom god, Hermes marble is the god of commerce, travelers, thieves, and animal husbandry in ancient Greek mythology. It is also the messenger of the gods, one of the twelve gods of Olympus. The son of Maia, daughter of Zeus and Atlas, also known as Mercury in Rome. The custom god Hermes marble was born in a cave in Arcadia and was the first god of Arcadia. After Olympus was unified, he became Zeus’s preacher and messenger. At the same time, he is also regarded as the patron saint of travelers, doctors, thieves, and merchants, as well as the god of eloquence. Legend has it that he invented the ruler, number, and alphabet. He is clever and cunning and is regarded as the creator of deception. He passed the deception to his son. He is also the inventor of the lyre and the patron of various Greek competitions. Later, he became one with the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. The custom god Hermes marble is considered to be the patron of magic. His wand can make gods and people fall asleep and wake them up from their dreams.

custom god Hermes marble (2)

custom god Hermes marble (2)

The characteristics of custom god Hermes marble represent:

The custom god Hermes marble wears sandals with fins and holds a magic wand to fly around like a thought. Therefore, he became the evangelist and messenger of Zeus. He is also regarded as the protector of road-walkers, and people have his pillars on the road, and he is also the god of eloquence. Originally custom god Hermes marble was portrayed as a symbol of male genitalia. As the guardian of the herd, he has a lamb on his shoulder. In ancient artworks, he is an adult man with a long beard. The representative animals of the custom god Hermes marble are the rooster and the tortoise. He wears a leather bag or wallet, pierced wing sandals on his feet, a wing cap on his head, and holds the scepter of the god of business, also called the double snake stick. Hermes has also become the god of thieves because of his wit and cunning. He was already a thief on the first night of his birth and sneaked out from his mother Maia to steal his brother Apollo’s sacred cow.

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