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contemporary garden statues

Female flower decor marble contemporary garden statues

The image of a woman is often described by flowers. The contemporary garden statues are formed by the combination of her beauty and flowers. On a round marble base, two symmetrical women are standing, and the white marble carved into the contemporary garden statues is as tender as the contemporary garden statues. Snowy skin. They have beautiful hair buns on their heads. The skirt on her body is carved from natural beauty mixed with orange and cyan marble. How romantic are the blooming flowers blooming on contemporary garden statues.

NO.: AK-stone(CC85 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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Western art contemporary garden statues:

Western culture and art began at the beginning of this century. The artistic trends of Western Europe spread to China through early foreign students. No matter impressionist works, realistic contemporary garden statues, or Renaissance works, they have had an impact on Chinese culture and art. I studied sculpture in my early years, and I also had contact with these European artistic trends and their representative works. Nowadays, contemporary garden statues make people more and more meet the necessities of life. Contemporary garden statues and the fine sculptures of characters, in reality, are far beyond people’s imagination, making Western characters look beautiful and moving in every possible way. Our lives have gone beyond. The frame of reference for all historical experiences.

contemporary garden statues (2)

contemporary garden statues (2)

Female images in contemporary garden statues:

In the long course of history, the status of civilization has never changed. Sculpture art occupies an important position in Western civilization. Based on contemporary garden statues art, we focus on the female theme of contemporary garden statues. By understanding the female images in mythological stories, we can give more possibilities to the stories behind female sculptures from ancient Greece. “Beauty” is the embodiment of the highest ideal. It is public and everyone can appreciate it. Helen can be plundered. The “perfection” symbolized by contemporary garden statues is not exclusive to the king. Ideals are not private evidence for a family or a family, because the supreme ideas such as “truth”, “goodness” and “beauty” are modeled on the geometry of transcending the human world-no matter how the human world is disputed, the inner angle of the plane triangle is always the same. 180 degree.

life size garden statues (2)

life size garden statues (2)

flower woman art (2)

flower woman art (2)

aongking marble statues

marble statues

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