Project Description

“Colored pearl” large metal yard sculptures practical and aesthetically decor

"Colored pearl" large metal yard sculptures

MATERIAL:#304 stainless steel
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your prefer
FINISHING: Mirror / Plated / Colorful Painting / Metallic Painting / Chrome
THICKNESS: 2-3+ mm(Depends on the size of the sculpture can be adjusted)
TECHNOLOGY: Welding / Electroplate / Polishing
INSTALLATION: Our engineer can come to your country to install sculptures.


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“Colored pearl” large metal yard sculptures Details:

The “Colored Pearl” large metal yard sculptures are practical and aesthetically pleasing outdoor art pieces made from stainless steel. These colorful sculptures are characterized by a large spherical shape reminiscent of a pearl, adorned with a vibrant array of colors including orange, yellow, green, and white. The interior of the sphere is hollow, featuring irregular slanted surfaces that are not only suitable for sitting but also for leaning against or using for stretching exercises. These “Colored Pearl” sculptures resemble colorful pearls scattered across the earth, and their design, like pearls, makes them treasures for people to enjoy.

“Colored pearl” large metal yard sculptures