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Bernini marble sculpture

Blessed Ludovica Albertoni Bernini marble sculpture

The very famous Bernini marble sculpture depicts Ludovica Albertoni lying on a mattress, communicating with God. The folds carved out of the marble show her state of confusion. Ludovica Albertoni is lying weakly on a pillow with carved patterns. In Bernini On the upper sides of the marble sculpture, there are many heads of little angels surrounded by them. Bernini marble sculpture shows the last moments of a woman’s life, angels are waiting for her ascension. It is to commemorate the burial of the Roman nobleman Ludovica Albertoni.

NO.: AK-stone(YANG04 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The story background of Bernini marble sculpture:

Ludovica Albertoni, the subject of the Bernini Marble Sculpture, was a Roman nobleman who received the Order of St. Francis third Class upon the death of her husband. She lived a pious life, dedicated to the poor of the community under the guidance of the Franciscan monks of the Church of San Francisco, where she was buried in 1533. One of her descendants, Cardinal Paluzzo Paluzzi Degli Albertoni, had a nephew who married a niece of Pope Clement X, officially taking the cardinal as his nephew and allowing him to use the Pope’s own surname, “Altieri.” Pope Clement blessed Cardinal Albertoni’s ancestors, conferring the title “blessed.” The Bernini Marble Sculpture is also a tribute to the character. The Cardinal then commissioned major improvements to her chapel in the Church of San Francisco, which along with the Bernini Marble Sculpture has become her place of worship.

Bernini marble sculpture (1)

Bernini marble sculpture (1)

The detailed design of Bernini marble sculpture:

The Bernini Marble Sculpture of Ludovica Albertoni is located in SAN Francesco. Bernini designed an architectural environment that focused attention on the marble sculpture, framed within the arch he cut into the existing wall, which previously hung a painting. Ludovica Albertoni is flanked by deep recesses, oblique angles decorated with early frescoes of St. Clair of Assisi, and blessed Ludovica Albertoni himself giving allots to beggars. The central character of the Bernini Marble Sculpture is illuminated on both sides by a large window hidden by the return. Good use of light. Bernini Marble Sculpture Ludovic Albertoni’s customary folds reflect her chaotic state, as her head is thrown back into an embroidered pillow supported by a headrest. Beneath her body is a deeply wrinkled carved cloth above a red marble sarcophagus, where Ludovica is buried. The panel behind the Bernini Marble Sculpture features stylized pomegranates; Burning hearts adorn the bottom of Windows.

Bernini marble sculpture (3)

Bernini marble sculpture (3)

Bernini marble sculpture (3)

Bernini marble sculpture (3)

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