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antique marble statues for sale

Greek figure antique marble statues for sale

Ancient Greece and mythology both show many absurd stories. These stories are also very suitable for decoration when made into antique marble statues for sale. These antique marble statues for sale carved an interesting picture. On the round couch, a man with horns on his head squatted naked, holding a woman’s skirt in one hand. He held the woman’s waist with one hand. The woman is holding the man’s horn with her hand. Antique marble statues for sale will give different people different style feelings and views.

NO.: AK-stone(CC 69)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The regeneration of antique marble statues for sale:

The Middle Ages experienced a long period of Christian reign. Most of the works of antique marble statues for sale were Christianity-centered. They abandoned the middle-aged shop rule about natural proportions and sought an image more suitable for Christian themes. coordination. This kind of antique marble statues for sale processed in an abstract way, each part is perfect, full of vitality, graceful body, gorgeous color, exquisite and complicated, although it has lost the simple beauty of the human body, it evolved into it in the 13th century. Great gothic antique marble statues for sale. The Renaissance is another important node in the evolution of Italian sculpture, as well as the regeneration of Western culture and art. When observing objective things with a scientific attitude, artists have also begun to use interpretation and architecture to create works.

antique marble statues for sale (2)

antique marble statues for sale (2)

Characters of antique marble statues for sale:

Western stone antique marble statues for sale generally have semi-naked or completely naked bodies, with half-fallen clothes, which not only show the beauty of the flesh but also hide and restrain. It draws people’s attention to the inner charm of the characters, not just the outer flesh, which is indeed a superb artistic technique. The antique marble statues for sale of Western figures are shaped according to the aesthetics of human proportions. Although ancient people worshiped gods, because stone sculptors created beautiful images based on the beauty of the human body in real life, the ratio of each part of these perfect antique marble statues for sale almost contained the golden ratio of 5:8. Western figure carvings are very beautiful. Character stone carvings can best reflect the social and cultural atmosphere of popular art. Because domestic stone sculptures of figures are very decorative and practical; antique marble statues for sale pays attention to the depiction of the faces of the figures, adds color to the statues, combines them with paintings, and complements each other, making the works have the same beauty and appreciation value as paintings, and at the same time Also favored by stone carving factories.

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custom marble sculpture

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bonded marble statues

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