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amazing marble sculptures

Goddess of Victory in Samothrace amazing marble sculptures

The amazing marble sculptures carved the goddess of victory on the cliffs by the sea of Samothrace. The base of the amazing marble sculptures is the bow of the warship. The bow guides the fleet to rush forward in the wind and waves, and the upper body of the goddess of victory leans forward slightly. Strong and huge wings are flying high. The sea breeze seemed to be blowing from her front, and her thin clothes faintly revealed the body of the goddess. The concept of the amazing marble sculptures is very novel, and it is an outstanding concept of integrating art and nature.

NO.: AK-stone(CC25 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The composition style of amazing marble sculptures:

The composition of amazing marble sculptures is very successful. The back of the goddess of victory and the spreading wings form an extremely smooth line, and the wavy lines of the legs and wings form an obtuse triangle, which strengthens the forward momentum. The artist has shown artistic skills and expressiveness in his works, highly combining realism and romanticism. Amazing marble sculptures seem to endow the cold stone with vitality-like life. The base of amazing marble sculptures is designed like the bow of a warship. The goddess of victory is like falling from the sky, guiding the fleet to the front through the wind and waves on the bow. This is a manifestation of the development of the dynamic and static balance to the peak, which not only shows the naval battle. The background again conveys the theme of victory.

amazing marble sculptures (2)

amazing marble sculptures (2)

The artistic beauty of amazing marble sculptures:

The amazing marble sculptures of the goddess’ dress that was blown by the sea breeze are close to the body, expressing the perfection of the female human body, while the dense, dense, vivid, and smooth movement of the dress shows a leap in life. The upper body of the goddess of victory leaned forward slightly. The sturdy, plump, graceful body, and the high-flying majestic and huge wings fully embodied the victor’s majestic posture and joyous passion of triumph. The sea breeze seems to be blowing from her front. The thin clothes faintly reveal the goddess’s plump and elastic body. The texture of the dress and the sculptures of the pleats are breathtaking. The amazing marble sculptures perfectly embody the female body. The vigorous vitality contained and endows it with noble, elegant, and majestic beauty.

Judging from the overall momentum of the amazing marble sculptures, the visual effect of “The Victory of Samothrace” is extremely impactful and full of strong expressive power. Whether viewed from the front or the side, the curves of the limbs and clothes patterns of the goddess of victory all have a forward and upward movement rhythm, which vividly creates an uncontrollable and wonderful sense of rising.

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abstract garden art (2)

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