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abstract minimalist marble animals sculpture

Feng Shui animal outdoor abstract minimalist marble animals sculpture

In ancient times, there were many mythical animals guarding one side, and each of these mythical beasts had a different meaning of protection. In modern times, these abstract minimalist marble animals sculpture is still suitable for abstract minimalist marble animal sculptures that our artists carved into marble, to create a Feng Shui for your door. Animal sculpture. Our sculpture has a square marble base, and above it is a mythical beast composed of many animals. He has the big feet of a dragon, the scales of a fish, and of course the beak of an eagle and the crown of a chicken. Every detail of this feng shui abstract minimalist marble animal sculpture is perfectly carved, whether it is the sharp claws on the claws or the Yulin office. They are all very beautiful, this abstract minimalist marble animal sculpture is very suitable for you, as the garden decoration of the villa or you’re decoration in front of the door is suitable for all styles.

NO.: AKM-(LY196)
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant , Play ground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

Similar Animal Sculpture

Art comes from life and is higher than life. In addition to the practical value of human artistic activities, with the development of human society, the need for people to express and communicate emotions through art has become increasingly important. Nowadays, emotional expression is one of the most important functions of art, and it is also the main reason for the occurrence of art. The sculpture is the materialization of human concepts. Human thoughts and emotions run through the entire process of abstract minimalist marble animal sculpture from motive generation to purposeful completion. They also communicate mutual feelings between viewers and sculpture works, even if thoughts and emotions are sometimes obscure and subconscious. but it must exist more or less, or directly or indirectly, otherwise, we will not be able to understand today’s conceptual art, abstract art, let alone have affection, emotional and spiritual resonance with ancient sculptures from a long time ago. It is impossible to decipher and explain the vast amount of cultural relics created by the ancients. Sculpture abstract animals are the wealth of human history, which contains human’s pursuit of spiritual civilization and love for nature. Influenced by history and culture, traditional Chinese sculpture of abstract animals has its distinctive features in each period, and after the precipitation of time and history, they have formed their unique Chinese characteristics today. By studying the emotional expression of traditional Chinese animal sculpture. We can not only appreciate the unique style of animal modeling in Chinese traditional abstract minimalist marble animals sculpture. but also help us understand the content and thoughts, and feelings expressed by animal modeling in traditional sculpture works, and then understand The humanistic background and the spirit of the times at that time.

abstract minimalist marble animals sculpture-ancient Mesopotamia stone animal

abstract minimalist marble animals sculpture-ancient Mesopotamia stone animal

Animal a pair lion statues

Animal a pair lion statues

finished animals sculpture

Package: Inside: soft plaetic foam / blanket.
Outside : strong and standard wooden batten cases or box.
Shipping: 1. by sea ( special for life size sculpture and large sculptrues ).
2. by air ( special for small sculptures or when clients need sculptures very urgently ).
3. by express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS OR FEDEX.
Please kindly contact us! We will depends on your sculpture and local situation, find a best delivery way for you reference.

shipping and package sculpture

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