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abstract garden art

The winged Victory marble abstract garden art statue

This abstract garden art carved the goddess of victory on the cliffs by the sea of Samothrace. Although the head and arms of the goddess have been lost, it is considered to be a masterpiece of abstract garden art of the high artistic level of ancient Greek sculptors. Seeing and feeling the majestic posture of the goddess of victory spreading her wings. abstract garden art The dress of the goddess blown by the sea breeze is close to the body, expressing the perfection of the female human body, while the pleated pattern of the dress constitutes a dense, lively and smooth sense of movement, showing a leap of life.

NO.: AK-stone(CC23 )
MATERIAL: Natural Marble / Stone / Granite
USAGE: Amusement park, Theme park, Garden, Restaurant, Playground, Public Area, Garden, Indoor & Outdoor, etc

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The incomplete art of abstract garden art:

The overall dynamic structure of this abstract garden art statue is perfect and vivid, and the carving skills are superb. The statue has turned to secularization, dramatization, and personification in form, and is characterized by conveying human psychology and passion. The abstract garden art statue stands on the top of the seaside cliff, facing the sea breeze, leaning forward and spreading its wings to fly, the dress that is blown by the sea breeze is close to the body, and the perfection of the female body can be seen. The pleated structure of the dress is dense and vivid. The smooth sense of movement presents a leap of life. Greek abstract garden art statues are full of life, even if they are incomplete, they are still living things. People have made up for the incompleteness in their imagination and obtained a complete aesthetic enjoyment. The concept of the abstract garden art statue is very novel. The base is designed like the bow of a warship. Goddess Niji is like falling from the sky, guiding the fleet to the front by wind and waves at the bow, which not only expresses the background of naval battles but also conveys the theme of victory.

abstract garden art (2)

abstract garden art (2)

The clever composition of abstract garden art sculpture:

The upper body of the abstract garden art sculpture leans forward slightly. The sturdy, plump, graceful body, and the high-flying majestic and large wings fully reflect the victor’s majestic posture and the passion of triumph. The sea breeze seemed to be blowing from her front, the thin clothes faintly revealed the goddess’s plump and elastic body, and the texture of the dress and the carvings of the pleat lines were breathtaking.
The composition of the abstract garden art sculpture is also very successful. The back fluttering corners of the clothing and the spreading wings form an extremely smooth line, and the wavy lines of the legs and wings form an obtuse triangle, which strengthens the forward momentum. The abstract garden artworks show extremely high artistic skills and expressiveness. He seems to have endowed the cold stone with a life-like erection vitality, which makes future generations can not help but face this masterpiece of high realism and romanticism. Send out a heartfelt sigh.

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amazing marble sculptures (2)

amazing marble sculptures (2)

amazing marble sculptures (2)

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